According to key market statistics, eBooks are estimated to have a growth rate of 4.6% by 2026, which amounts to approximately $23 billion. This is quite a jump from its previously valued rate of $18 billion. In order to build an eBook platform, publishers must first understand all the features that the platform requires and then select a Software Development Kit that is able to deliver all or most of these requirements.

A Software Development Kit or SDK is basically a set of tools and resources that a developer can use to build custom software applications. As the eBook market is growing really fast, you need to make sure that your platform uses the latest and most relevant SDK.

This how-to-guide will give you insights on:

  • The difference between SDKs and APIs
  • Factors to consider while selecting an SDK
  • Ease of building an eBook platform with an ePUB SDK
  • Steps to build a custom eBook platform using an SDK

Download the how-to-guide to know more about how to use an SDK to build an eBook platform.