5 basic factors to assess an eBook distribution channel

5 basic factors to assess an eBook distribution channel

What are 5 Factors to Consider Before Assessing an eBook Distribution Channel?

Okay, now that the eBook is digitized, enriched and enhanced and all set to go where it should, what next?

Here comes a crucial step within the life cycle of an eBook – choosing a distribution channel to enable eBooks to reach the desired users.

eBook distribution channel

There are various options of ebook distribution channels available today which publishers can choose from, including some of the most common ones like Amazon, Smashwords, Apple, Scribd, etc. Also, there are alternatives such as customized distribution channels made available to publishers. But the important question here is how to choose a distribution channel.

There are quite a number of factors that can be taken into account; but let’s just simply check out some of the basic factors, actually 5 of them, that need to be assessed before making the choice –

1- Cost effectiveness:

‘Money is precious’. If the channel is dearer, the publisher may sort to recover the cost by charging high fees for the book which in turn won’t please the readers. Therefore it is necessary to choose a distribution channel that is cost-effective because this could affect both the publisher and the reader.

2- Ease of use:

Publishers need a channel to distribute eBooks in a way that’s easy for them and for those buying it. In all probability they could use a service which automates the process as much as possible and is hassle-free, particularly for the readers; because no one would like to go through a series of tasks to access an eBook.

3- Familiarity:

This basically means trying to figure out who within the same industry are making use of a particular channel and why. This could help induce confidence and reduce the initial apprehensions that publishers could face while using the channel for the first time.

4- Reliability:

It is important to know about the reliability of the channel, especially from the readers’ point of view. Publishers would not want that their readers come across jitters and glitches while accessing the eBooks they have paid for. There could be several consequences associated with an unhappy customer.

5- Security:

Protection of content and assuring the delivery to the right set of end users is an essential factor that a distribution channel needs to comply with. As with online channels, security is always an issue and this needs to be taken care of by the channel to the most effective extent possible.

Taking the above factors into consideration and selecting a distribution channel would help publishers to distribute their eBooks to the desired audience effectively and without qualms.

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