Interactive Enrichment:

Innovating The Reading Experience For Students

Incorporate multimedia content, such as images, audio data, and video, to ensure higher engagement with the content. KITABOO integrates the latest technologies, like augmented reality, to provide an immersive user experience.

Interactive Assessments:

Revolutionize Your Learning With K.AI

With our cutting-edge AI-powered assistant for you, creating MCQs, flashcards, learning objectives, and chapter summaries has never been easier. Educators can test students now with a click!


Kitaboo: A proven high scale digital textbook platform

Deployed in more than 20 countries

More than 34 million API calls daily

More than 1 Million eBooks delivered

More than 5 Million Active Users

99.97% Guaranteed Uptime

GDPR Ready

Reporting and Analytics:

Provide Insightful Learning Analytics

KITABOO helps you keep track of delivery patterns and courseware consumption using the in-built analytics tool. You can then personalize and improvise the content based on the progress and interest levels of your readers.

Unlocking Learning Potential

White Labelling

As a publisher, you want your eBooks to reflect your brand. With KITABOO’s white labelling, you can provide your readers with an environment they know and trust.

DRM Protection

Digital rights management uses technology to protect the copyright of your content. With DRM you can restrict access to the copying and printing of the content.

Integrate Your LMS

By integrating KITABOO into your existing LMS, you can greatly enhance the delivery of interactive engaging content, ease the administration process for institutions, and leverage key analytical features to ensure the most out of your existing LMS and KITABOO.

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KITABOO: The World's Leading Digital Textbook Platform

  • Deployed in more than 20 countries
  • More than 34 million API calls daily
  • More than 1 Million eBooks delivered