How a Leading K12 Publisher Multiplied Their Revenue Using KITABOO


  • Digital content conversion
  • Seamless integration with SSO (Single Sign-on)
    Test generation


  • Customized digital conversion and publishing processes
  • SSO Integration across multiple platforms
  • Test Generator within the Reader App

Digital Content Conversion

Made Simple with KITABOO

A leading K12 publisher faced the challenge of converting its extensive collection of educational content into digital formats while ensuring a high-quality reading experience. They needed a solution that could efficiently convert their print materials into interactive and engaging digital content.

KITABOO provided them with a customized digital publishing platform that addressed their unique requirements. The platform facilitated the conversion and distribution of their educational content in various digital formats, ensuring a seamless reading experience for students and educators.

Kitaboo: A proven high scale digital textbook platform

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More than 34 million API calls daily

More than 1 Million eBooks delivered

More than 5 Million Active Users

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Leading K12 Publisher

Achieves Phenomenal Growth in a Year-and-a-Half

The renowned K12 publisher partnered with KITABOO to implement a comprehensive digital transformation, resulting in a surge in user count and phenomenal growth. The company has seen a significant increase in user engagement and a dramatic expansion of its customer base. KITABOO’s customized eReader attracted a wider range of users from diverse demographics, while its streamlined SSO login, efficient test generation, cross-platform compatibility, and dedicated support further enhanced the user experience.

The collaboration between the leading K12 publisher and KITABOO is a testament to the power of technology to transform the educational landscape. By embracing innovation and investing in cutting-edge solutions, they demonstrated that it is committed to providing its customers with the best possible learning experience.

Easy Test Generation

within the Reader App

The leading K12 publisher desired a robust test generator within the Reader app to create assessments aligned with their curriculum. They needed a solution that would allow educators to easily generate tests, customize question types, and track student performance.

KITABOO developed a comprehensive test generator within the Reader app, providing educators with a powerful tool to create assessments aligned with their curriculum. The test generator offered a range of question types, customization options, and analytics capabilities. Educators could easily generate tests, assign them to students, and track their performance, enabling data-driven instruction.

Partner Portal for

Efficient Content Distribution

Managing eBook orders, distributions, and assignments across partners was a significant challenge for the non-profit. They required a centralized platform to streamline these operations and improve efficiency.

KITABOO developed a dedicated Partner Portal, enabling the non-profit to manage orders, distributions, and book assignments with their partners seamlessly. This solution facilitated efficient content distribution and improved partner management processes. Our expert team created a portal specific for the non-profit so that they could easily access and distribute their eBooks to their partners. The partner members were also easily able to order licenses and assign eBooks with the help of easy-to-use API.