Publishing Process

KITABOO Partner Program empowers publishing partners with end-to-end digital publishing solutions to create, publish and distribute mobile-ready content.

With this partnership, you can help your clients migrate to digital platforms and embark on a digital transformation journey. As a partner, you can accelerate content digitalization and create new revenue streams for your clients and boost your business growth.

Redefining the

Publishing Ecosystem

KITABOO Partner Program helps you part ways with the traditional publishing ways. You no longer need to depend on your publishing partners and distributors to reach your audience. KITABOO acts like a seamless bridge between your digital content and your users. This program makes the publishing process cost and time-efficient.


Kitaboo: A proven high scale digital textbook platform

Deployed in more than 20 countries

More than 34 million API calls daily

More than 1 Million eBooks delivered

More than 5 Million Active Users

99.97% Guaranteed Uptime

GDPR Ready

New Revenue Streams

for your Business

KITABOO helps you keep track of delivery patterns and courseware consumption using the in-built analytics tool. You can then personalize and improvise the content based on the progress and interest levels of your readers.

Low on Effort,

High on Return

As a partner, you can enjoy high business returns and access to KITABOO solutions and services with little effort. Under the Partner Program, you refer the KITABOO product suite to clients and identified prospects and follow through with them for contract closure. KITABOO will help you offer end-to-end digital publishing solutions to your clients.


Situation for All

With the mutually beneficial partnership, partners can offer KITABOO services to multiple clients along with production services and share the revenue generated from the partnership. This will help you create, publish and distribute highly interactive digital content on all devices and platforms and reach a wider audience.

Why Partner with KITABOO


Empower users to access digital content anytime, anywhere on all devices and operating systems.

KITABOO Analytics

Monitor and analyze the content consumption metrics to understand what works best for your users.


Secure your content with AES 128 bit content encryption and license management offered by KITABOO.

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KITABOO: The World's Leading Digital Textbook Platform

  • Deployed in more than 20 countries
  • More than 34 million API calls daily
  • More than 1 Million eBooks delivered