Kitaboo is an end to end cloud-based digital publishing platform, where you can convert any print document in edocs and enrich it with multi-media such as audio, video, images. Once enriched you can publish the document for various devices (Smartphones, tablets, PC) across various platforms (iOS, Andriod, Windows) and securely distribute it. Its rich analytics provide detailed usage patterns on content consumption.

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While we built Kitaboo-cloud as a DIY (do-it-yourself) platform , it is built for Businesses. If you’re an indie author then you are welcome to try to our platform, but usually Kitaboo is more suitable for organizations whose business revolve around content.

Yes, with Kitaboo you can easily convert all your books which may be in formats like pdf, word docs, PPTs into multimedia rich interactive eBooks. You can also enrich your books with audio, video, images and distribute them securely through digital right protection (DRM) protection on multiple devices (smartphone, tablet, PC) and various platforms (iOS, Android, Windows).

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Kitaboo is ideal for digital publishing work flow as it helps to create, publish and license (distribute) content using DRM protection – one cloud partner catering to all your technology and business needs. Convert your books to interactive ebooks with multimedia-rich content, enrichment with videos, audio, and gamification of content. We also do ePub automation of fixed and flexible layout, HTML5 conversion to make your content multi-device friendly. Some of the world’s largest publishers use Kitaboo cloud.

Another strong use-case of Kitaboo is for Corporate Training. Many corporate use Kitaboo to enhance their training delivery, you can read more about it, click here

Kitaboo is an end-to-end digital content solution. Training companies can make their courseware interactive, mobile-friendly, enrich with multimedia videos tutorials, audio, gamification and interactive assessments. Also, with Kitaboo reader app, you can distribute content securely anywhere anytime anyplace. Allow collaboration with social sharing, search-able texts, text highlights, and note making tools for teacher-student and peer-to-peer learning.

You can read more here about corporate training solutions using Kitaboo.

Yes, you can do much do more with your LMS by integrating it with Kitaboo. It is a digital publishing suite that can make all your learning and/or training content enriched with multimedia audio, video, gamification. The Kitaboo created content sits along with your LMS and you can easily share them with your registered users.

Kitaboo can seamlessly integrate with your LMS using industry standard LTI interface and through API. Once integrated you will have a single sign-on for access.

Yes, Kitaboo is your end-to-end cloud-based digital publishing platform for corporate training. You can create, convert, enrich, publish and distribute your content/courseware to multiple users & platforms (smartphone, tablets, PC).

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Kitaboo is built keeping mobile workforce and bring-your-own-device (BYOD) growth in today’s work environment. All content published using Kitaboo is available for all devices (online or offline) across multiple platforms (iOS, Android, Windows) and for various form factors (device size, resolution etc.). As of now, some 6 million learners access Kitaboo published content using Kitaboo reader apps. Content is designed for small screen bite sized learning with knowledge nuggets, interactive assessments and gamification. The need of quick, accurate updates and insights that they can leverage exactly when and where they need it.

Kitaboo eBooks can be accessed in online as well as offline work modes. Once downloaded the eBooks and learning resources will be available offline as well.

No, you do not need any hardware, IT equipment or any technical expert to start using Kitaboo. Kitaboo is fully hosted on the cloud. The platform is automated and is as simple to use with drag and drop and few clicks. Get started with Kitaboo on our Help Videos here.

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Yes, the KITABOO® READER eBook reader application is available for download on a wide range of devices and operating systems.

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You can download the Kitaboo eBook Reader application on the Apple Store, Google Play Store, Microsoft Store, Mac App Store, and access the online Kitaboo eBook reader

Even though, almost all devices and operating systems can run the KITABOO® READER application

Click here for a list of devices and operating systems that support the KITABOO® READER application.

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