Increasing digital piracy is a matter of serious concern for the digital publishing industry and DRM-protected eBooks render the perfect solution. Let’s learn how, today, it’s easy to duplicate digital content and circulate it online. This demands a robust solution to restrict the illegal access of digital content. Digital Rights Management (DRM) lets publishers create and distribute digital content securely, without worrying about unauthorized access. DRM also enables the protection of intellectual property (IP) and generates rightful revenues for publishers and authors.

By creating DRM-protected eBooks, publishers can control the accessibility of their content. Listed below are some of the advantages of creating DRM-protected eBooks.

  • Creates an additional layer of protection ensuring the safety of the content
  • Restricts online piracy of the eBook thus safeguarding publisher revenues
  • Secure access will ensure the increased sale of the eBook on online platforms
  • Get full control over IPR; means decide who can view it and for how long
  • Protect sensitive and personal information
  • Make your eBook compliant with international regulatory guidelines

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