Today’s kids are tech-savvy. They find eBooks more interesting than physical ones. Understanding the shift, the client wanted us to convert their existing library of books into fixed-layout eBooks. To address this business requirement, Hurix Digital’s cloud-based platform, KITABOO, was used to convert 2000 titles from PDFs to fixed-layout ePUB format.

Business Challenges:

The project came with some stringent timelines and a few challenges:

  1. Converting 2000 titles in a short span of time of 4 months
  2. Making eBooks compatible with the client’s custom-made eBook reader
  3. Modifying and reconverting titles to meet revised specifications

However, these challenges were addressed effectively, and the project was delivered within the due timeframe by the Hurix team. The client was able to expand the reach on digital platforms and added interactivity to strengthen the reader engagement.

To learn more about how the project was delivered efficiently, download the full case study.