Enterprises, the world over are investing heavily in training and development programs. They realize the value that training can bring to the sales cycle from demand generation to conversion. Delivering mobile-first sales training content to the sales team on their device of choice enables on-field sales executives to effectively pitch to prospects, improving chances of conversions.

One of the world’s largest sales training firms from the US wanted to enhance their existing sales training platform. Enabling them to cater to the learning needs of over 1 million sales professionals from 55 countries and in more than 15 languages.

Hurix offered Kitaboo Insight, an interactive corporate training solution which helped them securely deliver interactive training content to their employees via a white label app.

Key Highlights of the Project:

  • The client was able to eliminate certain costs and operational challenges related to printing and global distribution of training resources
  • Client’s sales teams were able to access high impact courseware on-the-go
  • Offline access to interactive sales training material from multiple devices enabled the sales personnel to stay updated
  • The US-based firm was able to create, publish and deliver multi-device friendly training courseware with multimedia enhancements via their custom branded application

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