Educational institutions across the globe are embracing Performance Management. Our client, a Fortune 50 company approached with a very unusual requirement – to help build a performance management system that goes beyond the usual tropes and reimagines the whole experience.

Hurix used KITABOO – its award-winning eBook publishing platform to address the client’s requirements. KITABOO played the role of a business consulting partner to the client.  We brought in the technical know-how to integrate and design custom solutions suitable for the L&D space.  We crafted a solution that would play well with their current investments.

Highlights of the case study:

  • Comprehensive learning design strategy
  • Mind-blowing customer experience design and the related UX and workflows
  • Custom solutions suitable for the L&D space
  • Adopted principles of cognitive psychology, learning theory, and CX principles

Download the case study to find out how KITABOO’s L&D Solution helped enhance Performance Management.