A Literacy Non-Profit Teams Up with KITABOO to Make Reading Accessible for Dyslexic Learners


  • To provide online content to students with reading disabilities
  • Limited audience reach for their educational content
  • Lacked features like interactivity, text-to-speech and highlighting in their existing platform


  • Implemented KITABOO Reader platform for accessible online content delivery
  • Expanded access to global students with learning disabilities through the KITABOO platform
  • Integrated features like read-aloud support, bookmarking and highlighting to enhance content accessibility

Empowering Online Learning for Dyslexic Students

Empowering Online Learning

for Dyslexic Students

The American Literacy Organization faced the challenge of making their content accessible online for children with reading disabilities. To address this, KITABOO implemented its innovative Reader platform, enabling seamless access to digital content tailored for dyslexic learners.

The KITABOO Reader empowered students to access high-quality, dyslexia-friendly content across desktop, iOS, and Android devices. It also provided essential accessibility features like read-aloud support and text-to-speech tools, significantly enhancing the learning experience for students with reading disabilities.

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Expanding Global Reach

with Interactive Features

The Non-Profit organization aimed to grow their user base globally and enhance their content with interactive features. Their previous online portal had limited functionality, hindering their ability to effectively serve students with diverse learning needs.

KITABOO addressed these challenges by providing a user-friendly interface with improved navigation. The platform’s global accessibility allowed the Non-Profit to reach students worldwide. Additionally, KITABOO Studio enabled the organization to upload and enrich content,with features like Read-aloud support, bookmarking and highlighting for notes tailoring it to accessibility of students with disabilities.

Expanding Global Reach with Interactive Features

Driving User Growth and Accessibility

Driving User

Growth and Accessibility

By implementing KITABOO’s solution, the Literacy Non-Profit Program achieved remarkable results:

  • Experienced a 100% month-on-month growth in users within 6 months of launching their content on the KITABOO Reader app.
  • Provided students with essential accessibility tools like read-aloud support and highlighting features.
  • Enabled seamless content access across desktop, iOS, and Android devices.
  • Empowered the organization to explore new demographics and expand their reach globally.


KITABOO’s innovative platform empowered the Non-profit organization to create an engaging and accessible learning environment for dyslexic students. By offering a user-friendly interface, global accessibility, and crucial interactive features, the organization achieved remarkable user growth and significantly improved content accessibility for students with reading disabilities.

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