Top American Non-Profit Achieves Remarkable 263% Membership Surge with KITABOO


  • EBook distribution and partner management
  • Complex Integration across multiple platforms
  • Need for consistent branding and user experience


  • Dedicated partner portal for order management, distribution and eBook assignments
  • Seamless integration across HTML, iOS and Android
  • White-labeled app with customer branding

Partner Portal for

Efficient Content Distribution

Managing eBook orders, distributions, and assignments across partners was a significant challenge for the non-profit. They required a centralized platform to streamline these operations and improve efficiency.

KITABOO developed a dedicated Partner Portal, enabling the non-profit to manage orders, distributions, and book assignments with their partners seamlessly. This solution facilitated efficient content distribution and improved partner management processes. Our expert team created a portal specific for the non-profit so that they could easily access and distribute their eBooks to their partners. The partner members were also easily able to order licenses and assign eBooks with the help of easy-to-use API.

Kitaboo: A proven high scale digital textbook platform

Deployed in more than 20 countries

More than 34 million API calls daily

More than 1 Million eBooks delivered

More than 5 Million Active Users

99.97% Guaranteed Uptime

GDPR Ready

Seamless Integration

Across Multiple Platforms

By implementing KITABOO’s solutions, the non-profit organization witnessed a remarkable 263% increase in new member count within a year. The seamless integration across multiple platforms, white-labeled app, and Partner Portal contributed to improved user experience, enhanced brand recognition, and streamlined operations.

KITABOO’s innovative solutions empowered the non-profit organization to overcome complex challenges, driving unprecedented growth and operational excellence in content distribution and partner management.


App for Consistent Branding

The organization wanted to provide a branded experience to its members, with their logo and theme reflected in the app. They needed a white-labeled app solution to increase brand recall and foster a cohesive user experience.

KITABOO delivered a customized white-labeled app with the non-profit’s branding, enabling an immersive experience for members every time they accessed the app. This solution reinforced the organization’s brand identity and enhanced user engagement.

Phenomenal Growth by 263%

in New Member Count Within a Year

The Publisher faced the challenge of enabling readers to access content offline without the need for additional desktop software. This was crucial for institutions and students who required uninterrupted access to educational materials, even in situations with limited or no internet connectivity.

KITABOO implemented a cutting-edge Progressive Web App (PWA) Reader, a globally adopted technology used by renowned organizations like YouTube, Spotify, and Apple Music. This innovative solution allowed users to download book content directly within their browser and access it offline. The Reader is mostly used by the institutes in order to interact with the class.