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Why is eBook security software integration crucial for publishers?

In this technology age, publishers are moving forward digitizing and securing their content with eBook security software. Publishing and distributing content online is relatively simple today and involves very few overhead costs. Besides, you can connect and sell directly to your readers, and also get their feedback and reviews. With web analytical tools you can monitor all those who browse through your eBooks, which ones they spend more time reading on and which they skip through. Besides, you can also collect their demographic data. All this information helps you to tailor your offerings in tune with the requirements of your audience. These are just some of the benefits that you can reap as an online publisher. Yet, online publishing has its share of drawbacks, the main being copyright infringements, and unauthorized sharing and downloading of your content.

To elaborate, the copyright laws for print content do not hold good for the online arena. Secondly, the online environment is very different from the traditional brick-and-mortar stores in that you can share and download content very easily. As a publisher, you stand to lose in terms of revenue. Then again, any unauthorized access to your content can put your reputation at risk. So how to secure your eBooks? The answer is to integrate eBook security software to prevent any unauthorized access to your content.  

What is eBook security software?

eBook security software is a technology that puts a digital lock on your content. As a publisher, you can protect your intellectual property rights and control your data. Also known as digital rights management (DRM) software, the security software functions similar to a lock on a door, and only those with the key can unlock it and enter into your premises. Once the security software is integrated into your eBooks, you can ensure that only those who purchase your eBooks can consume them. The software protocols also ensure the secure promotion, sale, and distribution of eBooks.


How to Build an eBook Store

Here in this article, let us look at the benefits of integrating eBook security software into your eBooks.

Protects your revenue: Online publishing can ensure huge reductions in costs. Added to that is the fact that the cost of online marketing is relatively low which makes it an increasingly popular option. However, people can easily share their eBooks freely if you have not integrated the security software. So if they get shared on peer-to-peer sharing sites, you will lose revenue. So a security software can help to stop this piracy and the consequent revenue loss.

Increases ROI: Online publishing enables you to publish and then create as many copies of your eBooks as you want at a minimal cost. You can further achieve savings through instant delivery worldwide with no delivery charges. All this value that you achieve can be lost if you don’t integrate the security software into your content. With this extra layer of protection, you can significantly increase your ROI by ensuring that people don’t access your content by unethical means and that you are paid for your intellectual rights.

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Achieves greater control over your content: When you integrate eBook software into your eBooks you can achieve greater control over how they are accessed. For example, you may restrict access to only the person who has made a purchase. Further, you can also limit the number of devices on which it can be viewed. Generally, all such software restricts access to up to five devices. You can also set a content viewing lifecycle and expire the content after a certain number of views.

Restricts printing of eBooks: Even if people are unable to share content online, they still have the option to print them or even some parts of it. Such security software offers several customizable settings which you can use to completely eliminate printing rights. Additionally, you can also eliminate or restrict the copying content option. This software puts you in complete control over your content, allowing you to monitor who, where, how, and how many times a person can access it.

Maintains IPR control: With eBook security software, you can also control what the people who have purchased your eBook do with it. So, even if a person has brought the book, you can restrict or completely eliminate duplication of content and even set an expiry date to view it further. 

Prevents IPR theft: You invest in terms of money, time, and labor in creating and publishing your eBooks. The last thing you want is the theft of your IPR. By integrating your content with the software, you can also monitor your employees and track who has actually viewed your documents or if they have tried to pass on their authorization to others. 

Ensures regulatory compliance: As an online publisher, you will need to ensure that your content is encrypted and comes with a user’s license. This is necessary to ensure that no unauthorized person can access any confidential information. By integrating the software, you can ensure that you have complete control over all your business information and that you are able to comply with the regulations.


As a digital publisher, you have much to gain from integrating eBook security software into your eBooks. The Internet allows you to publish online content at hugely reduced costs. And coupled with the relatively low cost of online marketing, you can reach a much wider audience and even build a direct connection with them. However, with all the benefits online publishing provides, there is a flip side, which is that it is very difficult for you to maintain copyright to your intellectual wealth. People can easily share or access your content and use it to their advantage, leading to loss of revenue, compliance issues, and sometimes, even loss of reputation. While there is no 100% foolproof means to prevent misuse of your online assets, as a publisher, you can retain control by integrating eBooks security software into your eBooks. The software locks your content and prevents any unauthorized access. When a person purchases an eBook, a digital key is provided to unlock the content. The eBook security software also allows you to monitor and track all those who access your content or even try to pass on their authorization to others. Unlike physical books, eBooks can easily be duplicated, modified, or changed and passed off as originals. With digital locks in place, you can protect the authenticity of your content, which in turn, adds credibility to your brand. 

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