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Boost Your Educational Publishing Business with the Best Authoring Platform

As new technologies continue to open up better learning opportunities, educational publishers need to stay on top of the current eLearning trends. If you aim to produce and deliver engaging, modern eLearning content, a quality content authoring platform is necessary.

The global course authoring platform market is estimated to reach a staggering USD 3,820 million by 2033, with a projected growth of 14.1% from 2023 to 2033. These numbers highlight the importance of content-authoring tools in the educational landscape.

This article will help you understand everything about authoring platforms, including their benefits and key features. Let’s dive in.

Table of Contents:

  1. What is an Authoring Platform?
  2. How Can Educational Publishers Benefit from an Authoring Platform?
  3. How to Choose the Right Authoring Platform for Educational Publishing?
  4. Create Highly Interactive Educational eContent with KITABOO Author
  5. Wrapping Up!

What is an Authoring Platform?

An authoring platform is a tool that allows you to create digital learning content and publish it in different formats. With an authoring tool, you can drag and drop, utilize custom templates, and leverage other user-friendly features to develop a course without any coding requirements.

You can also create and manipulate multimedia elements like images, videos, and audio for the content’s intended purpose. Once you’ve created the course, you can upload the content to your learning platform.

KITABOO Author, a cloud-based content authoring tool, strives to make educational content creation easier and more feasible for those without design experience.

How Can Educational Publishers Benefit from an Authoring Platform?

Unlike a traditional word processing program, sturdy authoring platforms offer centralized, intuitive, and highly useful solutions to several publishing frustrations. With the right eLearning authoring tool, you can deliver the best learning experience and gain a competitive edge.

Here are five major reasons to use an authoring platform:

1. Speed Up the eLearning Development Process

ELearning authoring platforms offer several time-saving features that speed up the content creation process. They provide ready-made templates and themes to cut short the design process.

You need not start from scratch and create layouts for every project. Most authoring platforms also offer automation of test correction, lessening teachers’ workload.   

2. Enable Effective Team Collaboration

Authoring platforms allow publishers, subject matter experts (SMEs), authors, and other team members to collaborate seamlessly. They bring most elements of the content creation process to one central location, making it easier to finish a project successfully.

With advances in online editing capabilities, team members can communicate instantly, make revisions or edits, and add comments or questions. All changes are synced in real-time, making tracking pending work and allocating tasks easy.  

3. Update Your Courses Easily

Learning content should be updated, evolving with educational trends, student needs, and changing information. With content authoring platforms, you can easily edit and continually improve eLearning courses anytime. The tool analyzes data and collates feedback on your content’s performance to help you with modifications of design and materials.  

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4. Maximize Resource Utilization

Publishers no longer need to waste valuable mind-power on menial tasks. A multi-functional authoring platform lightens the burden on team members and frees up mental resources.

Creative and bright minds have more time to innovate, update content and maintain relevance. This also eliminates the need to employ additional team members for content creation.  

5. Enhance Reader Engagement

Quality authoring platforms have responsive design features, allowing you to create multi platform-friendly learning content. This means students can access your courses on both mobile and desktop.

The tool also allows you to add rich media interactions to your content with augmented reality, quizzes, games and more. Students who have an enjoyable learning experience are more likely to buy digital content in future. 

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How to Choose the Right Authoring Platform for Educational Publishing?

Choosing the right authoring platform for your business can be challenging. It depends on several factors, including your team size, budget, technical expertise, the volume of content you need to create, and more.

Here is a checklist of what you must consider when choosing the best authoring platform.

1. Opt for a Cloud-Based System

Cloud-based tools allow your production team to access content from anywhere, on any device.

  1. This allows them to collaborate and work on the same course content simultaneously.
  2. These platforms also save you the hassle of installation, synchronization, and constant feature upgrades as all these tasks occur in the background.
  3. Opt for a tool that supports multiple users updating, reviewing, and uploading content simultaneously.
  4. Verify if the tool creates content that works across tablet, desktop, and mobile.       

By investing in a cloud-based solution, SMEs acquire a ready workstation, eliminating downtime or time lags.       

2. Consider Scalability

Choose a tool that will scale easily as your business expands.

  1. Check how easy it would be to reuse, edit and scale your course content using the tool.
  2. Factor in the cost-efficiency of creating digital content at scale.
  3. Explore the import and export features along with translation options.
  4. Opt for a tool that allows you to go global with multilingual capabilities. Find out if the tool offers multiple built-in themes, expert-designed templates, and features for one-click content addition.

This helps quickly modify learning materials to include the latest information.  

3. Go for an All-In-One Solution

Your authoring platform must be an all-in-one solution that provides holistic learning experiences.

  1. It should help you with analytics and seamless course management.
  2. The platform must also serve as a course builder tool that enables you to embed material from a digital library and structure content easily.
  3. Most importantly, it should be compatible with the course player learners will use to access digital content.

4. Seek Flexible Tech Architecture

Invest in an authoring tool that integrates easily with other software. This allows your authors and SMEs to include gaming and multimedia elements in the course content.

  1. The tool must enable you to deliver course reports to students and instructors.
  2. It should also allow you to embed different assessment types in the modules.
  3. Lastly, ensure that the platform supports outcome-based and project-based learning. 

Create Highly Interactive Educational eContent with KITABOO Author

KITABOO Author is your all-in-one cloud-based authoring platform to create responsive content. The tool allows you to develop modules for multiple devices with a simple drag-and-drop feature. The output can be easily integrated with any learning management system (LMS).

With KITABOO Author, you can instantly preview your content with a WYSIWYG output. It also offers an excellent version control and analytics system where you can track the user’s interaction with your content.

If you’re looking for a powerful content authoring platform to create high-quality content at scale, KITABOO Author will be a great fit for you. Schedule a demo with us to learn more about our services.

Wrapping Up!

The best authoring platform not only simplifies the content development process but also encourages teamwork. When put to good use, quality software helps educational publishers create compelling, professional, accessible, and interactive learning experiences without making unnecessary investments in content creation.

From ensuring compliance to supporting blending learning, the tool must cover the entire range to ensure maximum utility. Make a decision that helps you fulfill the growing requirements of educators, districts, students, and schools.

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