FBF 2018

Publishers are constantly looking for ways to improve the reader’s engagement with their eBooks. Hurix Digital offers KITABOO – a cloud-based eBook publishing platform with advanced features, alongside PDF to ePUB3 conversion to meet Publishers’ digital needs.

KITABOO creates DRM-protected interactive eBooks and allows Publishers to distribute eBooks on third-party platforms like Amazon or on their own white-labeled readers. It gives detailed analytics that lets publishers track the readers’ consumption patterns.

Presenting KITABOO AR at the Frankfurt Book Fair 2018

KITABOO AR is an Augmented Reality platform that enriches eBooks with digital assets. Users can discover digital assets, like video, audio and external links, by pointing an app-enabled device at the page. KITABOO AR connects the physical world with the digital world with features like:

  • Scan & Retrieve – Scan the page and retrieve all the linked digital assets
  • Go Digital – Provide the reader with information in a cost-efficient digital format
  • All-in-One Repository – Readers can access all related information at one place
  • Zero Cost Updates – No additional cost for reprinting newer versions

We will be showcasing KITABOO AR and KITABOO AR SDK at the Frankfurt Book Fair this year. Just fill up the form alongside, to schedule a meeting with us at FBF 2018.