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Aren’t eBooks extremely convenient to read? Especially when you can carry them around anywhere. Traveling with your favorite books in one place has become easier. Consequently, with the increase in reading choices available, where to pick up the next best read has also become a huge dilemma.

Did you know that by 2027, it is estimated that around 1.1 billion people will be reading eBooks?

Every eBook store across the internet is full of potential choices, making it even harder to come to a decision.

Let’s take a look at some of the leading stores where you can discover your future reads.

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I. 7 Ultimate Book Stores With Unique Book Recommendations

  1. Hive
  2. Blackwell’s
  3. BookBub
  4. eBooks.com
  5. Harlequin
  6. Barnes and Noble
  7. Smashwords

II. Conclusion

7 Ultimate eBook Stores With Unique Book Recommendations

It is a given that Apple Books, Amazon, and Google Play Books are all excellent destinations for selecting your next best read. However, there may be more interesting titles featured on other stores on the internet not available in the mainstream..

Listed below are 7 eBook stores you will find, off the beaten path, where you can discover new titles by authors from all walks of life.


Hive is a web store based in the UK. Apart from eBooks it also caters to audiobooks, printed books, classic CDs and DVDs as well.

One unique feature that sets Hive apart is that for every eBook you purchase, some percentage goes towards supporting the local bookshops in your area. It helps to ensure the equitable benefit of the book trade in the economy.

The store offers eBooks in ePub and PDF formats.

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Blackwell’s has a collection of the most unique genres of reading.

If you are interested in books on history, economics, travel, social science, religion, philosophy or even music, you can head over to Blackwell’s online store to explore the most interesting titles.

Blackwell’s  is also an excellent alternative to the big online stores such as Amazon or Apple Books.


For readers exploring offbeat, unique titles, BookBub is the right online retailer to visit. It has a team of its own editorial experts who provide handpicked deals to platform users, highlighting works by hidden but talented authors.

However, there’s a catch. BookBub is not an eBook store per se, but rather only a platform where you can discover new titles and get the best one for a great deal from other online retailers.


Speaking of digital book stores that have extensive experience and collection, eBooks.com has been around for over two decades now. In fact, today, it is one of the largest eBook stores on the internet.

You can access over 2 million titles through local portals in several countries around the world. It is possible to download your selected eBook from this site in ePub or PDF formats or read it on the platform itself.

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Gender parity and feminism reign at their peak today, creating popular demand for books whose primary target audience is women. If you would like to discover more titles in this genre, Harlequin – a division of HarperCollins – is a dedicated online bookstore you should explore.

You also get access to 500+ free titles. You can read the books on the website itself or download them to your device. Some popular genres are thrillers, romance, and suspense.

Barnes and Noble

For those wishing to buy books online but also steer clear of the big corporations, Barnes and Noble is the next best choice. The company is a large publishing house with countless retail stores and even its own eReader – Nook.

You get access to over 4 million paid titles, out of which nearly 1 million eBooks are free to read. The files you access at Barnes and Noble or Nook are in the ePub format.


If you are one of those who like to give budding authors a chance and bring novel ideas to the table, Smashwords is a great place to discover your next read. This store has made a name for itself for being the largest distributor of independently authored titles.

You get to choose from among 800,000 unique titles, out of which almost 100,000 are available to read for free. The best part is that Smashwords allows you to use filters while selecting – minimum words, maximum words, essays, plays, poetry, and more.


Even though there are a plethora of eBook stores in existence on the internet today, each one has its own unique qualities to bring to the table. Depending on what kind of genres you prefer to read or the manner in which you would like to explore your next read, you can select one (or as many) stores from the list above to get started.

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