ePUB is the preferred format for eBooks that publishers across the world adapt. It is the latest version of ePUB standard and PDF to ePUB3 conversions seems to have been in more demand. The availability of a variety of content and reading devices have compelled digital publishers into switching to ePUB3 format. It helps them in providing an enhanced reading experience to their consumers.

ePUB3 has replaced static PDFs, allowing the eBooks to be enriched and embedded with multimedia content, interactivity and more.

This How-to-Guide covers a lot of ground on how to convert your existing PDF files to ePUB3 format.

This How-to-Guide gives you quick insights on:

  • ePUB overview
  • Benefits of ePUB3 conversion
  • How to convert your PDF files to ePUB3
  • Best practices in ePUB3 Conversion
  • Tools and Platforms for ePUB3 Conversion

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