Digital solutions are an excellent choice to facilitate learning. However, using a range of disparate tools brings minimal returns. Instead, you need to integrate your educational solutions so that they can talk to each other. The process allows you to ensure the free flow of data between your various apps. As a result, you can get a complete picture of your learning programs and outcomes. It also becomes easy to manage hundreds of classes with thousands of students and countless teachers. So, how can LMS integration with KITABOO help you?

We have created a How-to Guide that will guide you through the steps to integrate your LMS with KITABOO. It will help you identify the right approach to go about developing engaging and compelling content. This how-to guide discusses the step-by-step process in detail for seamless integration.  So, start reaching a huge audience by integrating your LMS!

This How-to-Guide covers:

  • All about LMS
  • Features of Learning Management System
  • 5-Step process to integrate your LMS with KITABOO
  • Why Should You Integrate Your LMS with KITABOO?

Download the guide to understand the step-by-step process to integrate your LMS with KITABOO.