As per recent reports, the value of the eBook market is expected to grow to USD 38.17 Billion by 2026 with a growth rate of 3.7%. While reading remains a timeless habit unaffected by the generation gap, the way people access books has changed over the years. While paperbacks and hardcovers are still prevalent amongst readers, interactive eBooks are becoming more popular. More people are starting to realize the potential behind eBooks, and are slowly investing in digital conversions as well. So, how are print books transformed into eBooks and what are the advantages behind it?

We have created a How-to-Guide which will guide you through the steps to creating an interactive eBook. It will help you identify the right approach to go about developing engaging and compelling content. You will also learn why it is much more beneficial to make your titles available in an eBook format today. We have got you covered with a five-step process that you can use to create an eBook from your printed copy. This how-to-guide discusses the five-step process you need to follow to create an eBook from your printed copy as well. Converting a physical copy to a digital one can seem like a daunting task, but now you know that it’s not that difficult. So, start reaching a wider audience by digitizing your printed works today!

This How-to-Guide covers:

  • eBook creation
  • 5-Step process to creating interactive eBooks
  • How to create the perfect textbook for students?
  • Revenue generation methods

Download the guide to understand the step-by-step process to transform your print titles into interactive eBooks.