Onboarding new employee’s is one of the critical responsibilities of an HR executive’s role. The onus of creating a comfortable work atmosphere, disseminating company policies and guidelines rests on you. The employee onboarding process, goes a long way in determining whether the employee stays with the organisation long enough to be a productive hire.

Every enterprise invests considerable time and resources into the recruitment process. While most organisations use upto 24 software applications for the hiring process, only a few have effective onboarding tools in place.

Here’s a comprehensive How-To-Guide that gives in-depth insights into

  • How Employee Onboarding has evolved into a Continuous Learning process
  • How Onboarding has transitioned from traditional methods to digital formats
  • Why Organisations should invest in an onboarding platform
  • How HR teams can create engaging onboarding content for new hires
  • Ways to track, assess and measure content consumption patterns and ROI
  • An introduction to cloud-based platforms for creating a great onboarding experience

If you are an HR professional looking to create an engaging onboarding experience this guide is the perfect starting point. Just fill in your details in the form, and download the eBook now!