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How to Make Money Easily by Selling eBooks?

Gone are the days when only a few wrote and sold books. Now, if you want to write and become a published author, it is easily possible. You can even be the next J.K Rowling if you play your cards right.

Are you wondering, “What is the right way?” Do not worry; we have got you covered. We are here to help you realize your dream of becoming a published author and make money selling eBooks.   

Let us begin with the basics.

What are eBooks?

eBooks are digital versions of regular books. Unlike the books you are used to, they are available on any device that is connected to the internet. 

When you write your book, you can publish hard copies but also publish it as a digital version, i.e., eBook. You can create the eBook yourself or hire a publishing house to do it for you.

However, when a publishing house does it, you might not be in complete control of the book.

For instance, the publisher will decide on elements such as which genre the book is shelved in, the selling price, and the digital platforms it will be available on. Also, bear in mind that they will take a big chunk of your sales.

If you go solo, you can not only be in better control of your creative work but also enjoy the profits better. Digital platforms you shelve your book on will also take a part of your sale, but it would be lower compared to publishing houses.

Now that you know what eBooks are and you can make money selling eBooks let’s get into how to write an eBook effectively and efficiently.

Here’s a curated step-by-step process you can follow.

Step 1 – Research

Once you have decided which topic to write about, research the subject extensively. Review all the existing literature comprehensively to determine what has already been done and whether there is scope to produce something new.

You do not necessarily have to come up with an entirely new idea; you can always build on existing ideas and topics more creatively and profoundly. However, do not shy away from this personal brainstorming session. You never know when a new idea might strike you.

Step 2 – Determine Your Target Audience

Once you have decided what you want to engage with, determine the audience you will be catering to. The same idea can be presented in different ways to young adults and adults, respectively.

Once you know the target audience, ask yourself some more questions about them, like what is the exact age group, what do they like and why, which location they live in, what are their income sources, etc.

These broad questions will help you determine the audience’s preferences and structure your eBook accordingly.

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Step 3 – Include Some Trending Topics

This is not a necessary step but more of a hack. Include some trending topics and keywords in your eBook to make it sell.

There are numerous eBooks in the market. If you want readers to pick up yours, offer the latest trends and news to keep them updated.

Step 4 – Start Writing

Once you are done with the preliminary steps, it is time to start writing. Start with an outline and then keep building on the outline.

Follow a proper routine and discipline to get your writing done. However, also remember to take sufficient breaks to save yourself from writer’s block.

Re-read your work multiple times to refine it. Take a break each time you start re-reading the content. This will give you a fresh perspective each time you sit down to re-read, refine, and edit.

Step 5 – Proofreading

This is a very important step; do not skip it. If you think you are too close to your writing to be able to find mistakes, ask your friends and family for help.

If you are doing it yourself, read it aloud. This will help you catch mistakes like spelling errors, grammatical errors, wrong punctuation, etc. more easily. After all, you do not want to offer your readers a faulty manuscript.

Pricing of the Book

Once you have proofread, congratulate yourself! Your eBook is nearly ready. Now is the time to decide its pricing and make money selling eBooks.   

While deciding the price of the book, take into account all your expenses. Some basic expenses for all eBook writers are writing and editing software subscriptions, cover designer fees, sample printing costs, etc.

You can also check out the prices of similar eBooks in the genre. This will give you an idea of how to price it and how many copies you will need to sell to make a profit. Another important element to consider while deciding the price is the book-length.

Selling eBooks Online

As a self-publishing author, you need to know your online platforms. There are quite a few choices available in the market. You will have to research to determine which suits your requirements the best.

Some popular eBook-selling platforms are:

Amazon Kindle

Amazon Kindle is one of the top-rated platforms which allows you to self-publish your book on Amazon. The publishing process is not complicated, and a minimum royalty is charged. You will be able to keep a big chunk for yourself each time your eBook sells.

Another advantage of Amazon Kindle is that the Kindle app is available on all kinds of devices like tablets, smartphones, laptops, etc. It gives you access to a greater audience.


KITABOO is an end-to-end cloud-based digital publishing platform. Using its eCommerce engine, authors such as yourself, can create a white-labeled eBook web store. The platform also integrates easily with social media, allowing you to optimize your eBook distribution and sales. The best part is, all this can happen even with your existing payment gateway, if any.

Apple iBookstore

Publishing on the iBookstore will allow all iPhone, Mac, and iPad users to access your eBook easily and quickly. The publishing process can be a little complicated for iBookstore compared to other platforms.

However, the profit margin for authors is good and comes with the additional benefit of no listing fees.

Enter Writing Competitions

Another way to make money selling eBooks apart from self-publishing is by entering going to writing competitions.

You have already done the hard work of writing the book. Take confidence in your work and register yourself for writing competitions. Even if you don’t perform well in the contest, it will be a learning opportunity for you. The prize money for winning these competitions is often very attractive.

Bonus Tips

Here are some extra tips you can keep in mind to make money selling eBooks.

  1. Devote some time to promoting your book on social media platforms and amongst your network.
  2. Engage in marketing strategies like email marketing, blogging, prizes and giveaways, collaborations, etc.
  3. Remember to regularly update your eBook by redesigning the cover, introducing a new edition, etc.
  4. Write more books in the series to garner attention and long-lasting committed readers.
  5. Try to get as many book reviews as possible. They work as great lead generators.

Closing Thoughts

Now that you know how to write an eBook and make money selling eBooks, keep updating your knowledge because digital platforms evolve at a fast pace. You could also begin publishing on KITABOO. 

Contact our expert team now and get started!

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