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How Can You Share eBooks Securely? (2024)

Online publishing platforms have undoubtedly been a lifesaver for authors, but on the split side, they pose the risk of unauthorized access and sharing of eBooks.

The question of how to protect eBooks from piracy has been stressing authors for years. It is highly ironic that authors have to ensure their eBooks reach a large audience but, at the same time, need to protect them from the same audience.

The digitization of books opens the doors to several risks and threats, which there was no way to trace back to when only physical books existed. Necessary steps must be taken to tackle these problems faced by eBooks around the globe. 

The rate at which technological advancements are taking place is beyond measure. With these developments, pirating eBooks has become easily feasible.

In such a scenario, authors must leave no stone unturned to secure their eBooks on every eBook-sharing platform

Never Trust Popular eBooks DRM Systems Blindly

It is a common practice among authors to use the readily available DRM offered by the online publishing platform when self-publishing a book online.

One should note that the DRM of any publishing platform is not foolproof. However, some are easy to compromise, while others are tough to break in. To ensure the security of your eBook, you must fall back on a DRM that takes way too much effort to bypass. 

Are you wondering how to protect your eBooks? You are at the right place. There are several ways to share your eBook online securely. Let us have a look at them. 

Convert Your Files Into the PDF Format

Making safety the topmost priority in every step of eBook publishing is necessary. Before you go on to publish your eBook online, taking some safety steps for eBook security is important.

Conversion of your eBook format to PDF increases its security. The PDF format offers data encryption and is a safe data-sharing medium. The PDF format also keeps viruses and other malware at bay which can adversely affect your eBook’s content. 

A PDF format also allows you to be in charge of your content. The rights to customize it and user access remain under your control.

Moreover, with a PDF format, you do not have to worry about distorted formatting across devices varying in screen size. Thus, converting your eBook to a PDF format offers innumerable advantages. 

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Get your Hands on the Best DRM Available 

Acquiring control of your eBook is of utmost importance. You do not want people without permission to have unauthorized access to your eBook.

DRM software saves the day. It helps you add particular settings that enable you to retain complete control of your eBook and manage the reader’s access to it.

eBook DRM safeguards your work from the threats of piracy through encryption. By using DRM software, authors can also oversee the permissions of their content for security reasons. 

EPUB DRM adds an extra layer of protection to your eBook. EPUB DRM removal has become a common practice among people sharing eBooks illegally.

Thus, acquiring a reliable DRM is an indispensable part of publishing a book online. So, choose a digital rights management software for your eBooks that checks all the boxes on your requirements list.

Watermarks Go a Long Way

Are you fretting over how to protect eBooks from sharing and misuse? Watermarking your eBook is a great idea. Watermarking is an age-old practice that keeps your creations from illegal and unauthorized usage.

Watermarks are nothing but an identifying mark of your brand plastered across your work. They prevent anybody from taking credit for your work since they cannot be tampered with.  

Thus, watermarking is a smart choice as your eBook will do rounds of the internet bearing your brand, which imparts additional security from illegal sharing and pirating. Watermarking your eBook will help you combat copyright violations. 

An Official Copyright Notice is a Must

A straightforward approach to any problem is indeed the best approach. Having taken all necessary steps to prevent eBook sharing, a clear way to spread the word that your eBook is not meant for unsanctioned sharing is to publish an official copyright notice.

It is crucial for authors to be well-versed in copyright laws. Putting out a copyright notice simultaneously as soon as you present your eBook online is highly recommended.

It gives out your ownership of the piece clearly and keeps unaccredited sharing of your eBook at bay.

Do Not Forget to Register Your eBook

To have something to your name exclusively, registering it to your name becomes obligatory. Hence, listing your eBook when you publish it online shows your exclusive ownership of it.

For instance, if you have to file a lawsuit against a third party claiming credit for your work, the process will be simplified when your eBook is registered already. 

Registering your eBook also minimizes the chances of any copyright infringement. eBook registration performs a job similar to a copyright notice but is more sound legally.

It serves as a public record of your ownership of the work. Thus, register your eBook before publishing it on an eBook-sharing platform

Password Protect Your eBook Files

Password-protecting your eBook essentially means restricting its access to the people who possess the password. This does not require eBook protection software.

When a consumer purchases or downloads your eBook, sending them an email with this password will authorize them access to the file. Although this practice may sound taxing, it is a foolproof way to prevent the unlicensed sharing of your eBook.

However, by employing this method, authors cannot control the sharing of the password among the friends and family of the reader. 


E-publications enjoy a fair share of benefits, but the underside has several factors posing a threat to your book. By taking the correct security measures, you do not have to worry about the security of your eBook online.

Awareness about the various threats lurking online, like viruses, malware, and copyright infringement, help you avoid these perils beforehand.

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