We are excited to announce the launch K.AI – KITABOO’s. new AI-powered. Learning Assistant. Intelligent and equipped with cutting-edge technology, K.AI will empower teachers and students to create MCQs, flashcards, learning objectives, and chapter summaries instantly.

The AI feature is designed to make learning fun, interactive, and engaging for learners of all ages. K.AI will provide students with a unique learning experience. With the click of a button, they will have access to chapter summaries in audio as well as video format. This feature will help students to grasp key concepts quickly and retain information longer. The flashcards feature will help students to memorize key terms and definitions, while the MCQs feature will test their knowledge and understanding of the subject.

We are also pleased to announce that KITABOO is revamping its old logo and changing to a new one with a focus on the multimedia player and reader. Our updated design reflects the evolution of our brand and the ever-changing world of digital reading. Our new logo embodies our focus on innovation and progress. We believe that this new look will resonate with our community of creators and readers alike.

Commenting on the new logo and the learning assistant, Vishal Dani, SVP of Product, KITABOO said, “Our new logo represents our commitment to innovation and our focus on providing an exceptional learning experience to our users. K.AI is a game-changer in the world of e-learning, as it enables learners to access study material anytime, anywhere. We are excited to launch this integration, and we believe it will help students learn more effectively and improve the productivity of educators.”

In conclusion, we are thrilled to offer our users an exciting new way of learning with K.AI. We look forward to seeing how this innovative new tool will help our users to excel in their studies.


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