KITABOO, a leading digital publishing platform, is proud to announce its new official partnership with Google Cloud. This partnership will allow KITABOO to utilize Google Cloud’s advanced technologies and infrastructure to enhance its digital publishing capabilities, providing better services to its clients.

With this partnership, KITABOO will be able to utilize Google Cloud’s scalable and reliable infrastructure to manage and deliver content to its customers seamlessly. KITABOO’s powerful platform, coupled with Google Cloud’s cutting-edge technology, will enable clients to access content faster and more efficiently, regardless of their location.

Google Cloud’s world-class security and compliance protocols will ensure that KITABOO’s clients’ data is secure and protected, providing them with peace of mind while accessing their digital content. Additionally, KITABOO’s customers can now take advantage of Google Cloud’s data analytics capabilities to derive insights from their content, driving greater engagement and better outcomes.

“We are excited to partner with Google Cloud and offer our customers the best of both worlds,” says Vishal Dani, SVP & Head, KITABOO. “This partnership will enable us to enhance our digital publishing platform and provide our customers with an even more reliable and efficient service.”

This partnership marks a significant milestone for KITABOO and its clients, as they will now have access to Google Cloud’s advanced technologies and infrastructure, empowering them to take their digital publishing efforts to the next level. KITABOO is committed to providing the best digital publishing services to its clients, and this partnership is a testament to its dedication to delivering innovative solutions that meet the evolving needs of its customers.


KITABOO is a leading digital publishing platform that enables publishers, authors, and enterprises to create, publish, and distribute interactive digital content across multiple devices. With a wide range of features and advanced capabilities, KITABOO is trusted by leading organizations worldwide to create engaging and interactive content that drives better learning and business outcomes.

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