KITABOO® Reader is built with a rich set of features. This App seamlessly integrates eBooks with embedded videos, synched audio, image banks, and interactive assessments, seeking to enhance learning and entice readers. The new page rendering engine provides fast loading and speedy page-turning. It is available only on the App Store for iPhone and iPad.

This App also allows users to make personal notes, highlight text in the eBook and see them consolidated for easy reviewing. You can now convert your reference notes to interactive learning with Audio, Video, and Image Notes. Test your learning – attempt a series of Interactive Assessments including, Fill In The Blanks, Multiple Choice, Match the Pairs, Crossword, Word Search, and much more. The reader also features a Bookshelf, Custom TOC, Table of Resources, and built-in Glossary. The interactive eBook Reader App provides an easy eBook interface, book download options, and a host of features to enhance learning. The app facilitates an engaging eBook reading experience and seamlessly publishes and distributes your content. This

app is available for iOS, Android, Mac, and Windows installers.