How Does Content Experience Transform Your Customer Experience?

Web content management is being regarded as a mission-critical priority to help drive overall digital strategy.—Gartner

Content marketers around the world know that technology is changing faster than many businesses can handle and that the pace of change is increasing. This evolution is characterized by four major trends:

1. Content explosion
2. Omnichannel proliferation = content everywhere
3. The urgent need to manage increasing complexity
4. The need for agility and digital dexterity

The bottom line is that more and more content is being created for audiences to consume via more and more channels, devices, and touchpoints. This leads to increasing complexity and the urgent need to manage that complexity in an agile manner. Only the companies that are most responsive to these rapid changes will survive. To create the best digital experience possible for your brand consumers, you’ve got to deal with it the right way.

Topics covered in this Seminar –

  • What is content experience?
  • Content experience, UX, and CX
  • Why this is important?
  • How to get the content experience right
  • How to build an eBook store
  • Measuring the content experience