The Future of Digital Publishing – An Industry Report

Digital publishing is rapidly overtaking the earlier methods of publishing. In addition to factors contributing toward the growth of digital publishing, the COVID-19 pandemic has fostered the rise of digital media.

Get an exclusive inside view of the current and upcoming market trends in the digital publishing industry.

This webinar will help you understand –

  • Analysis of the digital publishing market by geography.
  • Growth forecasts from 2019 to 2028.
  • Impact of COVID-19 outbreak on the global digital publishing market.
  • New developments, mergers, and joint ventures in digital publishing across the world.
  • Factors that are driving the market, prevailing deterrents.
  • SWOT analysis of key companies operating in the global digital publishing market

Who is this webinar for?

Digital publishers who are keen on expanding their reach and explore a global market.

Get an exclusive insight into the digital publishing market.