11 Best Apps to Read PDF Books on Android Devices (2024)

In general, there are two types of apps to read PDF books on Android. First, there are the apps that cater to business use, and which require you to open a PDF file, and then fill in and sign a form and upload for further action. A majority of the digital publishers use the PDF format for their eBooks which people can access on their smartphones and tablets. These apps for reading PDF books on Android include features such as reading mode, scrolling mode, and support for chapters among others. With such an app there is no need to download other multiple apps for various tasks as it enables all the operations in one place.

While there are several apps to read PDF books on Android, here, in this article, let us learn more about some best apps to read PDF books on Android devices.


The KITABOO Reader is one of the world’s leading PDF readers that lets you print standard and encrypted PDFs, and also annotate and bookmark them. The app provides a comfortable environment for reading by allowing you to set the background and brightness based on your comfort level. It is one of the best apps to read PDF books on Android as it offers a clean, intuitive and simple interface. Moreover, it allows you to add and manage comments, open attachments, add or edit bookmarks, highlight text or draw lines, and speedily access these sections later.

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Adobe Acrobat Reader

One of the preferred choices to read PDF ebooks on Android. The app supports 18:9 displays and other aspect ratios. It allows you to edit the PDF, take notes, fill out forms, and add your signature. It also provides some amount of cloud storage support. This app is ideal to read PDF books on Android for both regular professional use and for basic daily reading.

However, you would have to subscribe to the app to unlock value from the rest of the features.  You can scroll through the documents, perform simple searches and even zoom in or out of the content. With the paid version, you can also highlight text and manage PDF comments.


This app is ideal for educational institutions and corporate training. It allows you to organize your PDF books and offers great reading features. The app opens PDF books quickly and changes their orientation with ease.

It also offers text reflow capabilities enabling text to reflow and fit the screen of your reading device. You can also change the background and tweak the brightness to suit your comfort level. The app also has annotation tools that you can use to highlight text, and add notes or drawings on the pages.

Besides, you can also share comments with others in real-time, and also fill out and save forms, and export data via email, HTTP, and FTP. The core functionality of the app is free; however, you would have to subscribe in order to access the more advanced features.


While CamScanner is primarily a document scanner app, it also offers powerful PDF readability features. With this app, you can read books on Android, annotate PDFs and even share and fax the documents, albeit with a nominal fee. While some features are free, with a paid subscription, you gain access to 10GB of cloud space and some features for editing and making notes.


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WPS Office

The WPS app is ideal to read PDF books on Android as it helps you read, edit, and create both PDF and Word documents, presentations, and spreadsheets. Besides, you can also read, edit and convert PDF files. The app also includes a document scanner.


DocuSign offers some basic features for free but includes subscription plans to gain full access to features. This app provides PDF readability option for Android and allows you to open documents, fill in and sign forms, upload them or even send them by email.

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Xodo PDF Reader

Xodo reads PDF books on Android with an interesting range of features. Apart from reading you can create your own PDFs using a camera to scan images or other documents. Once scanned, you can save the file in PDF format, share it with others via email or messaging, highlight text, and add notes, drawings, and other annotations on your own.

You can also collaborate with others on your document via the connect service. This app can also be integrated with Google Drive and Dropbox. In the file manager feature, you can see a thumbnail preview and recent files for speedy access.


This is a free-to-use app but with plenty of ads. It comes with some great tools to handle PDF books and documents that can only be accessed with subscriptions in other apps. For instance, you can merge or split files, convert PDFs to images, and control sharing and printing.

Besides, you can reduce file size, extract sections of the content, and add annotations. The app also offers search functionality making it easier to find the file you want. Moreover, when you open a file again, it goes directly to the page you were last on.


You can read almost all document formats including PDF books using this app. In addition to the edit, highlight, and other annotation features, the app also includes text-to-speech.  Additionally, you can add notes, bookmarks, and content, and also password-protect your files.

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Fast Scanner

This scanner app allows you to scan documents with your mobile camera and convert them into PDF files for future use. You can also sharpen, clean, and save the scanned files. Most of the important features are free to use and its premium version is available for free with Google Play Pass.

As education and training goes digital with the rising use of smartphones, several apps are providing PDF book readability on Android. Finding the best app to read PDF books on Android will now be an easier task with the app comparison.  A majority of publishers offer their eBooks in PDF format and these apps make it easy to access and manage PDF files on tablets and smartphones. With these apps, you can edit, annotate, merge, split and more. Other features might include the ability to add comments, highlight text, extract portions of text, and even add forms, etc., for highly interactive PDF files.

PocketBook Reader

PocketBook Reader is a user-friendly PDF reader with an intuitive interface. It supports various document formats, including PDFs, and offers a synchronized reading experience across devices. PocketBook also includes features like text-to-speech and offline reading.


In conclusion, there are numerous apps available for reading PDF books on Android devices, each offering unique features and functionalities. Among the top choices are KITABOO Reader, Adobe Acrobat Reader, Foxit, CamScanner, WPS Office, DocuSign, Xodo PDF Reader, All PDF, Librera, and Fast Scanner. These apps cater to different needs, whether it’s professional use, educational purposes, or basic daily reading. They provide convenient options such as annotation, bookmarking, form-filling, cloud storage, and collaboration features. While some apps offer free basic functionality, others require a subscription to unlock advanced features. Overall, with the wide range of apps available, it’s now easier than ever to find the best PDF reader for Android devices, enhancing the accessibility and management of PDF files on smartphones and tablets.

Whether you seek advanced editing features, a simple and efficient interface, or seamless integration with online catalogs, there is a PDF reading app tailored to your needs on the Android platform.

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