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6 Best ePUB Viewers for eBook Lovers

With the onset of the digital era in the early 2000s, the rapid growth of eBooks, ePUB viewers, eBook reader apps, e-readers, and eBook devices, many skeptics predicted the absolute and complete extinction of the book publishing industry. Several studies kept projecting that computing devices would soon eradicate the concept of books and thus, strengthen their hold over the disbursal of information, entertainment, and knowledge.

However, all of these pronouncements failed to translate into actual reality. Both books and the publishing industry did not just remain relevant, but they also permeated the digital space and made themselves accessible and ubiquitous, across an extensive array of devices & platforms. So much so that the digital publishing industry started to reach a set of almost 100 million users by 2021

The basic reason why this spurt of growth occurred was that books began to be stylized in various formats – one of which was quite resourceful and convenient. This format, which sought to offer a haven for eBook lovers, is today referred to as – an ePUB viewer.


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What is an ePUB Viewer? Top 6 ePUB Viewers

An ePUB viewer, to put it simply, is a file reading and viewing software that enables readers to view files or eBooks stored in a digital format. Irrespective of whether you intend to read a work of fiction, a piece of literature, a self-help guide, or major academic work, online ePUB viewers will make sure that your reading experience is hosted in a seamless, legible, engaging, and ingenious manner. 

Although several ePUB viewers exist in the digital space today, listed here are six main ePUB software that harbor the capacity to blend efficiency with ease – 


KITABOO ePUB viewer works equally well on Android, iOS, and Windows-based devices. Apart from being the world’s leading eBook solution provider, KITABOO also integrates flawlessly with other, more sophisticated ePUB viewers and helps users gain access to multiple assets.


  • KITABOO can help you digitally publish your content on multiple devices and platforms
  • It is an LTI compliant, white-labeled application that easily integrates with LMS
  • The ePUB viewer offers free DRM protection, security, and encryption
  • KITABOO uses a comprehensive analytics tool to track content consumption
  • It allows you to read books in various formats like TXT, FB2, PDF, HTML, etc.

2. Calibre 

Calibre is considered to be one of the oldest ePUB viewers to have entered the eBook arena. In fact, it is said that Calibre laid the initial foundations of advanced digital tools, which could later prove to be a trendsetter for software compatibility, functionality, and content. Even today, Calibre is a highly popular choice amongst both book readers and book publishers. 


  • Calibre grants access to a large and immaculate library with a comprehensive interface
  • As an ePUB viewer, it is still open source and completely free
  • You can easily view, edit or convert your eBooks into a couple of other readers
  • It allows you to download, share and create backup content
  • Calibre is supported on Linux, Android, Windows, and macOS

3. Sumatra

In the substantial world of ePUB viewers, Sumatra is presented as a simple and lightweight alternative. Owing to its minimalism of design, Sumatra is exceptionally quick and effective in its operations. This ePUB viewer is not bound by heavy codes, enabling it to provide eBook readers with a non-aesthetic but efficient reading experience.


  • Sumatra is super fast, highly comprehensive, organized, and customizable
  • It allows you to manage multiple file formats like ePUB, CBR, PDF, Mobi or CBZ
  • This ePUB viewer has a smart and clean interface
  • As compared to its counterparts, it processes digital comic book files very methodically
  • Sumatra is supported on Windows – 7, 8 and 10

4. Kobo

Kobo is essentially a platform for both readers and writers. While on the one hand, it allows readers to curate their library of digitized books. On the other hand, it permits writers to publish their unread writings and build a large audience. More so, as an ePUB viewer, Kobo offers text highlighters, annotation readers & in-built dictionaries.


  • Kobo hosts a vast and extensive library of classics and the latest books
  • It has a feedback and review system using which you can rate books from 1 to 5 
  • You can discover recommendations, customize the interface, or even self-publish
  • This ePUB viewer provides a better night reading experience due to its comfort lights
  • Kobo is supported on Windows, iOS, and Android

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5. Icecream 

As the name itself suggests, Icecream ePUB viewer is a smooth, comfortable, and pleasant reader for most eBook lovers. Even though it is fundamentally made for Windows-based devices, Icecream uses its powerful interface to support various digital formats such as FB2, MOBI, and CBR. The viewer is currently available free of cost for every eBook reader.


  • Icecream permits you to track your reading progress and highlight/translate your text 
  • You can stop and resume your reading from wherever you left off last
  • All of the viewer’s features are presented on a single page to avoid any confusion
  • Each book you download is organized and managed in a simple fashion
  • Icecream equips you to browse faster with assistance from its navigation scrollbar

6. Adobe Digital Editions 

A lot of eBook lovers prefer Adobe digital editions over other similar software because it permits them to continue reading in online and offline modes. Furthermore, this ePUB viewer integrates multiple digital devices, styles, and formats under one multi-faceted umbrella so that the overall reading experience becomes more seamless, creative, and optimized. 


  • With Adobe digital editions, you can easily transfer your books across different devices
  • It has a huge library that grants access to numerous eBooks in various languages
  • You can borrow eBooks from public libraries and organize them systematically 
  • Books can be viewed in formats like ePUB, PDF, and ePUB 3
  • Adobe digital editions are supported on Windows, iOS, macOS, and Android


As times change, eBooks will steadily turn into the new reading norm. They will begin to replace the current set of voluminous, physical, and overly textual hard copies, thus bringing about a great transformation in the publishing industry. Under such grievous circumstances, the role of ePUB viewers too will become extremely important in multiple, user-centric ways. 

This would primarily be so because eBook lovers will start seeking content that offers a wide range of fulfillment and enrichment, especially in terms of the reading experience. Cluttered menus, complex designs, and unnavigable interfaces will become a thing of the past. As a result, ePUB viewers, like the ones listed above, will metamorphose into the only place where eBook lovers would be provided with an opportunity to access, assemble and customize. 

So if you, as a publisher, intend to gain a decisive edge over all your competitors, the time to chart your new course is now!

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