KITABOO Fuels User Growth for a Swedish Academic Publisher Through Immersive Learning Experiences


  • Providing students with accessible digital support platform
  • Providing high-quality, integration of diverse content to students
  • Offering time-limited access to students for certain courses


  • Accessible eReader App with offline access for students
  • Diverse content formats (ebooks, podcasts, video lectures)
  • Provided flexible access models for course materials and students

Enabling Accessible

Digital Study Platform

The Academic Publisher faced the challenge of providing an accessible digital study space for students and endorsing ebooks for course administrators at universities. To address this, KITABOO implemented an accessible eReader 5.0 for desktop with study support tools.

The eReader enabled students to access high-quality, study-supporting content from relevant suppliers, including ebooks, podcasts, lectures, and assignments. It also provided study support tools like flashcards, note-taking, planning, and assessment features to help students achieve their learning goals.

Kitaboo: A proven high scale digital textbook platform

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Flexible Access to

Diverse Content Formats

The Publisher wanted to engage their students with diversified content types. They wanted the students to interact with their courses in audio/video format. The Publisher also wanted strict access control on certain courses to be made available to students. 

To cater to the diverse content needs of students, KITABOO integrated various formats within the eReader, including ebooks, podcasts, and lectures. Students could purchase time-limited access (initially 180 days) to the content they required, such as individual ebooks, collections of ebooks for specific courses, or complementary materials in different formats.

Driving Student

Engagement And User Growth

By implementing KITABOO’s digital publishing solution, the Publisher achieved the following results:

  • Added 600 eBook titles and 6 new courses to their product catalog in Business Administration, Economics, and Nursing Programs from major Swedish Universities.
  • Provided students with access to study support tools like flashcards, note-taking, and study technique tips, independent of the chosen content.
  • Enabled customizable features for students, such as highlighting, dark mode, font size adjustment, and contextual notes.
  • Witnessed consistent active user growth within a year of adopting the KITABOO eReader App. 


KITABOO’s innovative platform empowered the publisher to create an engaging and accessible learning environment for students. By offering diverse content formats, flexible access models, and study support tools, the Educational Publisher achieved remarkable student engagement and revenue growth.

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