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Choosing an eBook Distribution Platform: What You Need to Know

Generating revenue of a whopping $22.05 billion, with over a hundred million users in the US alone, digital publishing continues to grow at a rapid pace. However, when it comes to choosing the right eBook distribution platform, most publishers and authors feel overwhelmed due to the flood of options available in the market.

Besides, there are several other things at stake here, such as audience reach, visibility, money, and reputation.

To help you navigate the space better, we have created a brief guide to help you pick the right eBook distribution platform for your digital publications. 

Table of Contents:

I. Understanding Digital Distribution Platforms

II. Key Factors to Take into Account While Choosing the Right eBook Distribution Platform

III. Conclusion

Understanding Digital Distribution Platforms

A digital or eBook distribution platform is a tool that allows content creators to get their digitized work to the target audience and generate revenue out of it as well. 

The key highlight of these tools is their design and features that help you better manage your digital content and provide detailed insights that you can use for varied purposes, such as understanding the competitive market. 

Apart from this, there are several other advantages to using an eBook distribution platform, such as higher sales due to wider accessibility and reach, saving time and resources, a seamless process of eBook making, and easy publishing of content in multiple languages.

Key Factors to Take into Account While Choosing the eBook Distribution Platform

Here are some of the most important points to keep in mind before choosing a suitable eBook distribution platform:

Pricing Model

The computation of the royalty or pricing model is a critical factor to take into consideration while choosing an eBook distribution platform. 

Since every eBook or digital distribution platform has a unique business model with different pricing structures and commission plans, it is important to understand how the distributor calculates the royalty when making your pick.

The idea here is to have a clear understanding of whether you receive a royalty based on the real listed price, the amount or price you give to the store, or a specific percentage of what they receive.

If you are looking for a more detailed view of how royalties are determined at different prices and how the same will be paid to you, it is critical to make sure that you check with the distributor for a detailed and transparent explanation of the royalty calculation.

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Audience Reach

When picking an eBook distribution platform, it is best to go with a platform with a wider network or greater reach. The ideal option here is to go with a distributor that makes your eBook available in all the various well-known eBook stores, such as Amazon.com, Kobo, Apple Books, and Nook.

It allows you to have more time instead of looking for ways to hunt for new markets and focusing on just the content and final manuscript. You can also distribute eBooks on online platforms that are popular and widely used by readers.

eBook Format

Another important point to consider when choosing eBook distribution platforms is the kind of formats you want for your eBook or digital book publication. 

Among the most common and preferred formats here are ePUB, TXT, AZW, PDF, and MOBI. It is also important to keep in mind that different eBook distributors either make use of multiple formats or a combination of different formats based on various parameters. 

For instance, TXT or PDF format is best suited for text-heavy content, whereas EPUB works well for image-heavy or graphical content. 

Another consideration here should be the format dependency on the type of device you use. For example, formats like MOBI, KFX, and AZW are more common with Kindle devices, whereas PDF and EPUB are more compatible with Apple devices and Android operating systems.  

This makes it important to choose the formats carefully, as different eBook formats and device types will affect your audience’s reach. The best way to do this is to thoroughly understand your audience’s content preferences and, accordingly, choose a format that fulfills your needs and helps you reach a wider audience.

Robust Digital Rights Management and Encryption Technology

DRM, or Digital Rights Management, is a powerful technology that is specially designed to prevent instances of piracy, thus helping to prevent the illegal copying and distribution of your eBook.

When selecting a digital or eBook distribution platform, it is important to ensure that it has powerful DRM and encryption technology in place so that only authorized users can download and make use of the content.

Regardless of the type of file you upload, the distribution platform you choose should automatically convert your eBook into a DRM-protected yet standard format.


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Powerful Reporting Tools

Another critical consideration when choosing an eBook distribution platform is the kind of reporting tools it offers. This is crucial for the success of your eBook by analyzing reader feedback and tracking how it is performing. This means you should look for a digital textbook platform that offers you excellent reporting tools to track your readership and sales.

Some of the features or data you should look out for in an eBook distribution platform are real-time user engagement data, annual sales, various traffic sources, reader locations, third-party integration, and more.


When it comes to picking the right eBook distribution platform, careful consideration of various factors is crucial for the success of your digital publications. While it may seem overwhelming with the multitude of options available, understanding your specific needs and priorities is the key to making the right choice.

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