Interactive eBooks are gaining popularity among readers and enterprise audiences as the new generation consumes content increasingly on digital media. Through interactive eBooks, publishers can keep their readers engaged  by adding a host of interactive elements and creating an immersive experience.

This ‘How-to-guide elaborates how publishers and enterprises can create an interactive eBook on their own. Furthermore, it explains the technicalities, like Fixed-layout or Reflowable, Custom Reader or eReader app, and planning strategies for distributing content.

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Frequently Asked Questions

Understanding subjects like history takes a whole lot of concentration. History becomes way more attractive to learners when they learn through interactive sessions. Learners find it easier to grasp when the broad concepts are divided into bite-sized content.

Kitaboo is one of the most popular platforms among learners for interactive eBooks. History eBooks on Kitaboo help learners easily grasp concepts and make learning fun.

Flipbooks are great for grasping knowledge about any topic in a short time. e-flip books are not only a great tool for learning new topics, but they are also very cost-effective. On Kitaboo, you can find interactive eBooks and flipbooks to attain knowledge in a simple way. You can also convert PDF files into e-flip books within minutes on Kitaboo.

Top interactive eBook platforms like Kitaboo use various analytical tools to measure user interaction in their eBooks. Such tools include the reading speed of eBooks, duration of the reading sessions, number of clicks on the links and images included in the eBooks, time of the day when the users learn from the eBooks, and the point where users discontinue reading.

Reading physical books can often be overwhelming, especially if you have a busy schedule. For auditory learners, audiobooks and eBooks are the best way to learn, and Kitaboo is one such platform that makes learning effortless. Making physical books interactive can be too expensive, and the chances of its success are also very low.

eBooks, on the other hand, are very cost-effective, and on platforms like Kitaboo, anyone can turn their physical book into an interactive eBook in minutes.

Kitaboo is one of the best tools to create interactive eBooks in minutes. Apart from creating eBooks, you can also create brochures effortlessly on this platform.

The best part is that you can do all this at a very reasonable rate. Further, the eBooks and brochures created using Kitaboo are highly interactive and will assure great results.