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Immersive Reading: KITABOO partners with Microsoft Immersive Reader to make content more accessible

As education goes online driven by the evolution in digital technologies and the COVID 19 pandemic, several companies are wooing the learners, academic institutions, and corporate houses with powerful tools to conduct online and blended learning programs. These digital learning tools help to create and deliver exciting interactive content that engages the audience and makes learning fun, entertaining, relevant, and immersive. And when two such powerful digital learning tools come together, they take the learning experience to the next level. One such collaboration is between Microsoft Immersive Reader and the widely used eBook platform KITABOO which helps publishers create, publish and distribute digital content securely. Let us first look at the features of immersive reading and understand how this partnership helps to increase the accessibility of content while also improving reading and writing skills for all learners.

Benefits of KITABOO and Microsoft Immersive Reader Partnership

Microsoft digital learning tool is a free tool that leverages proven techniques to support reading and writing skills for people of all ages. It includes read-aloud tools that improve comprehension, increase fluency for English and other language learners, and help build confidence in emerging learners to read at high levels. It also includes text decoding solutions for students with learning difficulties such as dyslexia facilitating accessibility features. The Microsoft Immersive Reader also encourages independent reading through the immersive reading features. Use cases show that the text read-aloud feature is extremely useful to students of all grades as it helps them to focus on the main ideas of the text. Struggling readers too find immense help with features such as the pacing of the voice, highlighted words and spacing between the words, background color, font size, the gender of the voice, and parts of speech.

The immersive reader app KITABOO incorporates bespoke features like reading aloud, translating languages, picture dictionaries, and techniques to improve reading, with multiple options and reading preferences.  Immersive Reader, on the other hand, offers support to users/learners of all ages and reading abilities. It helps to address the challenges teachers face in the virtual classroom world, enabling them to deliver an inclusive learning experience via audio and visual tools of immersive reading. Besides, it also offers support for even students with learning differences, language barriers, and more. This partnership is a great step towards bridging opportunity gaps in education and providing high-quality content to a larger population.

The Immersive Reader, along with the Dictation tool can be combined to improve writing skills. So students can dictate their writing and the Reader read it back, thus, allowing them to identify their errors. Whereas, KITABOO is one of the best eBook reader apps available for K-12 publishers to publish and distribute their eLearning content. The platform enables the delivery of mobile-ready responsive content on all major operating devices. Till date, it has processed and converted more than 10 million pages for top publishers across the world. Let us take a look at how KITABOO enhances the user experience. 

Multimedia support: This content publishing and distribution platform support the publishing of eBooks in various digital media formats such as audio, videos, presentations, animations, and more. 

Cutting-edge features: Amongst its many cutting-edge features, KITABOO offers an intuitive interface, an offline reader, book download capabilities, annotation tools, and search and social learning. It is finding great use with publishers of repute who can use the platform to brand it as their own, complete with their logo and branding. It is also a widely used eBook distribution platform with a complete array of books for K-12 students in all subjects and grades. Students can leverage its annotation features to highlight text, bookmark pages, and add notes. 

Seamless integration: This eReader app also offers several other features to enhance eLearning. It integrates seamlessly with third-party LMSs and platforms to offer access to its powerful tools, features, and capabilities. It also integrates eBooks with videos, synched audios, image banks, and interactivities that make learning fun and entertaining.  KITABOO also offers read-aloud capabilities for a more inclusive experience. 

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Complete range of pre-built templates: K 12 publishers can leverage its pre-built templates to create exciting interactive experiences in multiple formats such as HTML5 and SCORM. It is very simple to add interactive features to the eBooks such as images, graphics, videos and also third-party content like animations and Google Maps. KITABOO also facilitates the translation of eBooks into multiple languages thereby allowing publishers to greatly increase their audience reach.

Bridges opportunity gaps: KITABOO provides a more level playing field for the learners thus helping to bridge opportunity gaps and support equity in education. With its audio-visual features, it helps students overcome limitations in their reading and writing and engage with the course materials. 

Supports multi-modal learning: KITABOO supports audio, visual, and tactile features that allow learners to control their learning. This in turn increases their engagement with the content. Besides, they can also choose the pace, background color, font and font size, and the reading voice according to their comfort level. All these features give learners a sense of control and responsibility for their learning outcomes. 

Provide customized learning experiences: Teachers can also motivate personalized learning by facilitating access to a wide array of eBooks and other online material. The customized learning materials and interface helps teachers deliver individualized attention to their students and monitor their growth closely. Even students, get to regularly check their retention power and quickly move from one section to another.

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The eBook platform supports content providers in distributing their digital content. This is why it has partnered with Microsoft Immersive Reader. By integrating with Immersive Reader, KITABOO will make reading accessible to millions of students worldwide. Today, KITABOO is widely used by over 15+ million users in more than 30 countries. Given the increasing penetration of the Internet and easy availability of smartphones, more and more students would be able to gain access to high-quality content via KITABOO. At the same time, learners would be able to use the features of Immersive Reader to greatly improve their reading and writing skills. The partnership will also help KITABOO make reading more accessible to millions of its students. To know more, please write to us at

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