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It is said that nothing is constant and in the constantly evolving world, people’s tastes and preferences too undergo a sea change. However, one thing that has withstood the test of time is our love for books. While the charm of books remains, their format has undergone a change in tune with emerging technologies. The more tech-savvy current generation prefers to read eBooks or books in the electronic format on their smartphones or dedicated readers. Readers can store a whole library of eBooks on their smart devices and read them in the comfort of their own space or while on the go. Another popular format of books is fast gaining center-stage and this is the audiobook. One step ahead of the eBook, the audiobook, is an innovation in EdTech while also satisfying the listening to a story urges of people on the move. The eBook to audiobook conversion has since then taken a fast pace with the growing demand.

Why should you use audiobooks?

Listening to books: You can read eBooks while commuting; however, that is not possible if you are driving or going for a walk. The audiobook is the perfect answer to listening to books while on the move. So it may be you are driving, and you can listen to your favorite ebook on your Bluetooth. Similarly, at night when you are trying to sleep, instead of reading, you can actually switch off the lights and let the soothing voice of the audio calm your frayed nerves and lull you to sleep.

Learn correct pronunciation: Audiobooks can be a great teaching aid in schools to teach correct pronunciation. So students can read the eBooks or print books and follow the audio. This will help them to correct their pronunciation and gain greater exposure to the language.

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More inclusive experience: Audiobooks are an innovation in EdTech and offer great relief to students with dyslexia and other reading disabilities. With audiobooks, they can listen to the lessons or enjoy stories. Thus, audiobooks ensure a more inclusive experience.

What are the benefits of converting eBooks with KITABOO’s automated process?

The manual process for the conversion can be a costly one, and may not be a feasible option to convert at scale. As an alternative, digital publishers can choose from several digital publishing tools and platforms to convert eBooks into audiobooks. KITABOO, an award-winning digital publishing platform from Hurix Digital is all set to launch an automated solution to convert eBooks into audiobooks at a large scale with just a few clicks. Here, are some of the benefits of the automated process to convert eBooks into audiobooks.

Convert text to speech: You can upload your eBooks in various formats such as DOC, DOCX, PDF & EPUB.  Depending on your selection, the text-to-speech converter will convert your eBooks into audiobooks in format.

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Fig 1: Integrated Audiobook experience 

Select voice: You can create your audiobooks using either female or male voice. KITABOO offers a set of inbuilt voices that you can select from. Besides, you can also customize for pitch, volume, and rate. This digital publishing tool also includes features to improve the pronunciation of these inbuilt voices using dictionary files and replacement rules for foreign words. KITABOO also adds inflections in the voices and allows you to choose between various tones. So depending on the genre and theme, you can select between a normal tone, serious tone, and joyous tone.

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Preview the audio file: Before creating the audiobook, you can preview and listen to the file using KITABOO’s read-aloud feature. If you are satisfied with the output, you can save the file and export it in your selected audio format.

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Convert to multiple languages: Leveraging KITABOO’s automated processes for conversion, you can translate your eBooks into audio in multiple languages, including major European languages and English. Needless to say with conversion into multiple languages you can greatly extend your audience reach. In the near future, KITABOO will also offer an eBook to audiobook conversion in Arabic, Chinese, and a host of Indian regional languages.

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Fig 2: Audiobook


Listening to stories is integral to the human experience. In times immemorial, people would gather around fires and listen to stories. With passing time, children would hear stories from their parents and grandparents. So more than reading it is listening that is ingrained deep into our psyche. It is only much later with the coming of the print books that people began to read stories. Even today, print books enjoy a dedicated audience. However, audiobooks are once again transporting us to a world of yore, however, this time instead of people, the voice-overs narrate the stories. Audiobooks are becoming increasingly popular with the current generation who has little time to sit and read. For them, audiobooks are a perfect solution, allowing them to listen to audiobooks while on the move. Then again, audiobooks enable more inclusive opportunities allowing people with dyslexia and other reading disabilities to benefit from the world of books.

As a digital publisher, you can greatly extend your audience reach by converting your eBooks into audiobooks at scale. The manual process for such a conversion is time-consuming and expensive. It is here that KITABOO can help. With its powerful automated processes, you can convert eBook to audiobook in a flash. KITABOO offers a wide range of voice-overs in both male and female voices. Depending on the theme of your eBook, you can also set the tone, pitch, rate, and volume of the narration. KITABOO uses deep learning technologies to synthesize human-sounding speech in different languages. With several lifelike voices across several European languages and English, you can extend your reach across several countries.

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