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HubSpot Integration: How Does KITABOO Help Publishers Increase Sales with Custom Integration?

In simple words, custom integration is a process of connecting two or more different software solutions to enable the movement of data from one software to the other. With custom integration businesses can connect two or more software to meet their unique business needs. These integrations can automate processes, generate and process data, and improve the organization’s overall efficiency.  Here, in this article, we look at the custom integration between KITABOO, a powerful digital publishing tool, and HubSpot, an equally powerful inbound marketing solution, and how this integration is a perfect solution for publishers to increase their sales.

Why is custom integration important?

Custom integration is a means to build tailored apps by combining the features of two existing apps. You can combine two or more such apps via API to meet your unique business needs. As in this case, KITABOO, a digital publishing platform is integrated with HubSpot, a CRM to generate leads for inbound marketing. The main beneficiaries of this integration are the publishers using both KITABOO and HubSpot. This integration helps to integrate customer data of KITABOO and HubSpot to generate more leads for the publisher. 

Custom integration is also attractive for its adaptability, scalability, and focus on a specific business type. You don’t have to write a new code all over again – what you just need to do is use the system API and you are set for the custom integration.  In the context of this article, KITABOO API is used to integrate with HubSpot.

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HubSpot Integration with KITABOO

KITABOO is one of the world’s leading digital publishing platforms with over 25 million users across the globe. This innovative publishing software supports the publishing of eBooks in various digital media formats. Of special interest is its powerful analytical and reporting features that allow publishers to gain end-user insights, which they can harness to their interest to better serve their customers, and also personalize their marketing campaigns to expand their reach. 

It is seen that publishers also use software such as HubSpot, a popular CRM solution used for streamlining inbound leads, sales, and customer service. Now, KITABOO can be custom integrated with HubSpot. HubSpot offers tools for content management, social media marketing, web analytics, customer support, and search engine optimization, among others. It generates a huge amount of customer data. This data can be exported to the KITABOO platform; it is then processed to glean customer insights and behavior. The publishers can use these insights to better fulfill the needs of existing customers and also use the leads generated to target potential customers, thereby increasing their sales, optimizing their marketing campaigns, and enhancing their customer service.

How does KITABOO help publishers increase sales?

KITABOO integrates with the publisher CRM and HubSpot via its API, allowing data to pass between the two systems. Once connected, KITABOO exports analytics and reporting data from HubSpot and combines it with that stored in its own system. KITABOO then syncs the following information for segmentation, personalization, and reporting purposes. Let us take a look at the key factors that are enhancing sales.

Powerful analytical tools: KITABOO offers powerful analytical tools that combine in-system data with that of HubSpot to generate leads and insights into user behavior. All data is handled in a secure and consistent manner, and there is zero data loss. KITABOO then segments the data based on pre-defined metrics. Detailed data visualization reports help you to understand your customer use patterns and interactions. Based on these insights, you can personalize your marketing campaigns and greatly enhance your sales.

License Consumption: A user license is a legal agreement between the software provider and the purchaser. The license gives the client the right to use the software and the features they can access. Let us consider a publisher whose major clients are schools and to whom they distribute their eBooks and other eLearning materials. Now it may be that the publisher uses HubSpot to generate leads for other schools. With this integration, KITABOO collates the data or usage from HubSpot and leverages its own analytical information and license consumption features to generate active utilization lists. The publisher can use this list to generate more potential leads or opportunities.

Create highly targeted filters: KITABOO lets you create highly targeted audience filters that automatically sync with your HubSpot account. These filters can be generated using the license consumption features which provide an active list of potential clients to the publishers. Using this information, KITABOO helps you filter out better leads and conversions thereby increasing sales. 

Track customer journey: KITABOO also integrates the HubSpot tracking cookies to track the user’s journey. Based on the analytics and data information, KITABOO helps track the potential clients for publishers. The active user list data and the user behavior journey  You can use this information to make targeted offers based on where they are in their journey. Apart from that KITABOO lets you create high-converting opt-in forms and lead generation campaigns to convert traffic into subscribers and sales.

Automate workflows: You can also create automated workflows. This way, you can cut out manual tasks that take up most of your time. For example, you can create a custom workflow by connecting with Gmail. That way when a person signs up with Gmail, KITABOO will trigger an email to welcome/confirm their subscription, and send a notification to the publisher also. Similarly, with KITABOO you can create other workflows that will boost productivity and sales.

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In Conclusion

The KITABOO and HubSpot integration is a great solution for digital publishers to increase their sales. With this connection, KITABOO can export data from HubSpot and combine with its own user license data to generate more leads for the publisher. In other words, it uses analytical information and license consumption features to give the active utilization list. Publishers can use this list to run targeted marketing campaigns. Besides, KITABOO also leverages its powerful analytical tools to identify customer behavior and interactions in real-time. It then uses data visualization tools to present information for further action.  This helps publishers find the right users and thereby increase sales. 

KITABOO opens up endless possibilities to connect with customers and increase sales instantly. Its advanced features are versatile and flexible to suit any marketing goal. With KITABOO and HubSpot integration, you can drive leads and sales at incredible rates.

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