Frankfurt Book Fair Turns a Capital of Ideas for the Publishing World

Frankfurt Book Fair Turns a Capital of Ideas for the Publishing World

Frankfurt Book Fair (Frankfurter Buchmesse) is undoubtedly the largest book fair in the world. It is an international event which attracts publishers from around the globe. The book fair is by far the largest trade fair held for people from the publishing and media industry. This is where people assemble to discuss the future of publishing and technology.

Founded in 1949, this book fair is an annual event held in mid-October at the Frankfurt Trade Fair grounds in Frankfurt am Main, Germany. Over the years, it has become a major event, with over 200,000 visitors and more than 7000 exhibitors from over 100 countries attending the annual fair. The first three days of the 5-day Frankfurt Book Fair is open for professional visitors and the last two days are open for the general public.

Every year, the fair hosts a country as the guest of honour. Literature works from that country are presented at a special exhibition hall, with major publishing houses and industry experts attending the programme. This year, Georgia has been named as the Guest of Honour for the Frankfurt Book Fair.

Few things to keep in mind before attending the Frankfurt Book Fair:

  • If you are planning to attend the fair this year, you might want to meticulously plan your day so as to not miss any important event.
  • The halls and fairgrounds of the Frankfurt book fair are huge in size, hence it is advisable to schedule your meetings considering the distance between the meeting halls.
  • Keep your business cards handy. There are plenty of publishers and agents who attend the fair, you might want to share contact details and reconnect after the event.
  • This event provides a networking opportunity like no other. So make sure you socialize and interact with people during and after the day’s events.

HurixDigital is exhibiting the Frankfurt Book Fair this year, and will be presenting some of its propriety products at this event. HurixDigital is one of the world’s leading digital content solutions provider, and has won multiple awards for its contribution in the field of learning technologies. We offer creative and engaging digital content solution to publishers, institutions, and enterprises to address their training and developmental needs. Our interactive content can be customized and is accessible across multiple digital platforms.

Here are some of our products that we will be presenting at the Frankfurt Book Fair this year:

KITABOO- An interactive ebook creation platform with customizable features

Kitaboo allows publishers, institutions, training companies and corporate organizations to create and distribute interactive content securely on digital devices. It is a digital publishing software that supports conversion of PDF into eBooks. The content is secured with DRM protection and is compatible with all major operating systems, devices, and platforms. It also offers an offline reading feature, allowing users to access the content even in the absence of internet connection.

Kitaboo’s user-friendly interface can be embedded with multimedia and interactive features such as videos, audio, widgets, simulations, gamification etc. These interactive elements provide an engaging learning experience to the users. Kitaboo is an LTI (Learning Tool Interoperability) compliant application and easily integrates with any existing learning management system. It also has a fully featured API to integrate with any payment gateway. Its in-built analytics programme tracks and provides insights on content consumption and delivery patterns. This allows publishers to update the content or change the sales strategies as required. KITABOO offers a white label solution with client branded Reader Apps across multiple devices and platforms.

Augmented Reality- Intertwining reality with technology

Kitaboo’s AR feature allows computer-generated visuals to be superimposed over digital content. Users have to point an app-enabled device to scan and discover AR enhanced content and uncover interactive visuals. Real world objects are overlayed with digital information, providing the user with a new augmented view of that same object. Kitaboo AR brings computer-generated objects into the real world, giving the users an enhanced sensory experience. The AR feature enables publishers to update the eBooks with all the latest information and resources, eliminating reprinting costs. AR makes learning more immersive by adding digital assets to physical books.

Kitaboo AR-SDK- Customize your eReader with our product

The Kitaboo AR SDK is a software development kit, which allows clients to customize and embed the Kitaboo AR feature into their own reader app. With the Kitaboo SDK, clients can use various Kitaboo features and modify them according to their requirements. The SDK framework can be integrated on any platform (Android, iOS, Windows and HTML). Kitaboo SDK can be used in rendering eBooks (epub and Kitaboo Fixed layout books). It offers advanced features like highlights, bookmarks, notes, pen-tool, thumbnail, page zoom etc. The software kit allows publishers to embed the AR feature with videos, audio, images and 3D model responses.

ePub3 Automation- Convert PDF to eBook effortlessly within minutes

Hurix’s ePub3 Automation is a tool that converts PDF documents into ePub3 and Mobi/KF8 ebooks. This platform allows the creation of fully interactive content that is enriched with the read-aloud feature, HTML5 inter-activities and games, videos etc. Once converted, the book will be available in Android, iOS, and Windows operating systems and can be viewed on all major book platforms. The Kitaboo ePub3 automation tool has converted over 100,000 documents into ePub3. This automatic conversion tool reduces the hours invested in manual conversion, saving production costs.

It is said that once a year, Frankfurt turns into the world capital of ideas. This fair provides a platform to learn more about the global publishing business, the international publishing rights and licensing fees. In the previous year, 286,425 visitors attended the Frankfurter Buchmesse and 4000 events were hosted. It gives you an opportunity to interact with publishers, agents, consultants, authors, service providers and a mix of business professionals. This event brings together experts from the technology and publishing industries to discuss and exchange ideas and concepts around print and digital content. One can experience a range of mind-boggling technological advances made in the publishing industry.

The Frankfurt Book Fair is where the entire book and media world assembles to demonstrate new innovations. This is a place where one can create contacts with prospective business partners and exchange ideas for a better digital future. This year, Hurix aims to meet and interact with representatives of the publishing world and the media industry to demonstrate our products and forge new business relations.

Visit the Frankfurt book fair website for more information about the event.

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Vishal Dani

Vishal Dani

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