Train Your Employees in a Digital Age- Blended Learning

How to Train Your Employees in a Digital Age: Blended Learning

One of the most important aspects of developing a successful business is making sure you have a good team, which starts with employee training. What is the best way to train your employees and get them ready for the workplace? Adopting a “Blended Learning” approach combines both traditional and modern methods in training your employees. The first step is developing content and information, the next step is implementing that content into a Learning Management System (LMS) and integrating the newest technology into the training process.

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Traditional Learning Strategy – Old methods state that it is best to be in a traditional classroom setting. In a workplace environment, this normally results in a one-time session for smaller groups. In a more formal training course, normally there is either a physical instructor or it’s a virtual classroom type setting. By the end of the course, there is typically some form of assessment, such as a test, and often there are physical handouts or documents to follow along or take away from the course.

Informal Learning Strategy – A more modern approach to training is by putting employees into “real” situations that they could face on while on the job. In this type of learning method, the individual going through the training process is learning through a hands-on approach and will learn the skills as needed, rather than just seeing things written on paper or in a slideshow. Today, businesses can take advantage of technology by using interactive teaching tools and content that can be accessed everywhere using devices like Smartphones or tablets. One of the main goals of e-learning is giving users access anywhere, anytime. If employees can access learning and training materials when in real situations, it can permit them to tackle problems and find solutions more quickly and efficiently.

Finding a Balance – Striking a balance between informal and formal learning and development is the key to successful employee training. Studies have shown that anywhere from 70%-90% the skills employees learn and need on a daily basis are acquired through informal learning while on the job. The remaining 30%-10% is gained from formal training methods such as workshops, seminars or classes. A more hands-on training method forces employees to figure out solutions on their own and becomes a more memorable and marking process, rather than just reading bullet points on a paper. Taking the most important elements of each teaching method and supplementing those with easy accessibility to the information by the way of e-learning technology is the best way to ensure a successful learning process. KITABOO enables employees to access the training materials through a digital platform, thus motivating them to keep up-to-date. Rather than having to carry around a binder or folders full of documents, employees can access the information in a convenient and quick manner from their Smartphone or tablet.

Combining traditional classroom-setting learning with modern, informal learning is a great way to get your employees up to speed and ready to take on any tasks in front of them. Getting the necessary content into a visually stimulating format such as handouts or slideshows and being able to put your employees into real-life situations to learning “on-the-go” is a good tactic to develop well-rounded training approach for your employees. Moreover, being able to make use of e-learning allows employees to access the information at their fingertips – anytime, anywhere. Thus, taking the classic training content and putting it into interactive, accessible apps on personal devices increases your ability to effectively train employees.

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Snehnath Neendoor

Snehnath Neendoor

Snehnath is the Senior Vice President, Business Development at KITABOO. He has rich and diverse experience in training and learning solutions for the enterprise segment. More posts by Snehnath Neendoor