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Kaeden Publishing Delivers eBooks on KITABOO to Nurture Young Minds

Young readers of today are the leaders of tomorrow. It is important to cultivate reading habits in children at an early age. Literacy skills boost their overall development and work as a strong foundation for a bright future. However, it is equally important to deliver content that provides an immersive and interactive reading experience that engages children and motivates them to develop their reading skills. 

Kaeden Publishing helps young students become lifelong learners by delivering quality reading content to schools across America. Kaeden has worked with educators to improve the quality of educational content. Kaeden has grown with educators’ needs and now publishes hundreds of fiction and nonfiction books for grades K-4 students.


The Kaeden Books imprint is a powerful complement to any K-4 reading program. They provide a fun and immersive reading experience to every student, as the books are carefully written to standardized criteria for early, emergent, and fluent readers. These leveled texts offer high-interest content that is accessible to students at a variety of skill levels. With topics that align to national learning standards, Kaeden books support reading and learning across the curriculum. 

In addition to supporting students’ literacy needs, Kaeden also accommodates educators’ needs. Every Kaeden book includes teacher support materials that add value and enhance instruction to make the learning process more impactful. All the nonfiction titles have been revised to meet the current curriculum requirements. Kaeden Publishing is proud to deliver effective educational content that supports learners and educators.

Delivering Quality

Kaeden Publishing was founded in 1991 with a singular focus—to deliver quality educational content that helps young readers build strong literacy skills. Thirty years and over 500 titles later, their mission to deliver quality content hasn’t changed. 

The secret behind consistent delivery of quality content lies in their resources. Many of their authors are professionals in the fields of education and early literacy. Kaeden Publishing leverages their knowledge and experience to create and publish the best educational content. They focus on publishing stories that not only appeal to children but also inspire them to develop their reading independence. Kaeden Publishing works closely with authors and illustrators to work towards the shared goal of creating immersive reading content that helps children become lifelong learners.  

Kaeden strives to deliver content that reaches readers where they are and helps them to grow. Hundreds of Kaeden titles have been translated into Spanish. More than one hundred Kaeden books have been adopted by renowned literacy organizations like the Teachers College Reading and Writing Project and the Reading Recovery Council of North America.

Kaeden Publishing delivers eBooks on KITABOO

Since their users are young students, Kaeden Publishing wanted an easy-to-use content delivery platform that caters to all skill levels. With the objective of increasing their readership and enhancing their reader engagement levels, Kaeden partnered with KITABOO to distribute digital books to their audience. 

To be aligned with their objective to motivate and engage young readers, KITABOO offers a variety of features designed to keep the users engaged. KITABOO also offers integrated enrichment activities and teacher support native to the platform 

KITABOO enables Kaeden to distribute interactive digital reading content to children across devices. Leveraging the seamless and secure delivery offered by KITABOO, Kaeden has been able to transform traditional reading into an interactive and fun activity for students of all ages.

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Mike Harman

Mike Harman

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