How is PDF to ePUB conversion a business opportunity for publishers?

How is PDF to ePUB conversion a business opportunity for publishers?

Among the top 5 spoken languages in the world, Mandarin leads the pack with 955 million people, followed by Spanish – 405 million, English – 360 million, Hindi/Urdu and Arabic at 310 million & 295 million respectively. It turns out, English ranks third on the list despite its high popularity.
Regarding business, the above figures reflect a tremendous opportunity for publishers in the non-English speaking markets. However, foraying into these native language-dominated markets requires robust and error-free translation capabilities.

Why PDF to ePub conversion is a great opportunity for your business?

How fast is your workflow to translate and publish 100+ books into eBooks in multiple languages?

I don’t speak English!

As mature markets reach saturation, the non-English geographies have emerged as the new business havens for publishers. The prime factor here is speed. How fast can your book production workflow deliver on translation and error-free digital publishing?

Automation helps you eliminate the time-consuming and error-prone manual process of translation. For publishing ebooks on a large scale in native languages, the key ingredient is an enterprise-grade ePUB automation tool that converts with perfection. Accelerate PDF to ePUB conversion of books written in native languages in just a few weeks – automagically!

Direct to customers in a flat world

Amazon has changed the way people buy, sell and read books globally. Book buyers are now searching, buying, downloading, reading and archiving books on their personal devices. The direct-to-customer (D2C) channel has opened up a whole new world of possibilities for publishers to sell independently, bypassing distributors and bookstores.

eBooks as a D2C touch point is an apt way to explore revenue opportunities in today’s flat world. It enables you to venture into the non-English markets with eBooks published in native languages. All you need to fix is the translation capabilities from PDF to eBook format that usually involves considerable efforts in native languages. Turbocharge your workflow with an ePUB automation tool that ensures fast and error-free conversion to eBooks in non-English languages.

Fast, error-free, cost-effective multilingual digital publishing

Another challenge in non-English geographies is the stiff competition from local, regional publishers and their low-cost publishing methods. Again, the differentiator here is time to market. For instance, how swiftly can you deliver eBooks in Hindi for India, Mandarin for China, and Arabic for Middle East markets? Crash your time to regional markets with cost advantage by your side with a robust ePUB automation tool.

ePub automation is an agile multilingual book production technique that spreads the joy of reading fiction, academic, education and religious books to new geographies. However, PDF to ePUB conversion of books written in native languages requires ePUB specialists like Kitaboo! Talk to us about your international strategy, and we will help you expand your global footprint.

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