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Seamless Digital Transformation

Convert your print publications into engaging digital formats with our advanced conversion tools. Streamline your workflow from manuscript to eBook, ensuring your content is optimized for digital consumption.

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Reading Experiences

Tailor the reading experience to your audience with our customizable features. Create interactive eBooks with multimedia elements, annotations, and searchable content to enhance reader engagement.

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Secure Your Content

Protect your intellectual property with our state-of-the-art DRM solution. Control access, prevent piracy, and manage distribution rights effortlessly, ensuring your content remains secure in the digital realm.

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Kitaboo: A proven high scale digital textbook platform

Deployed in more than 20 countries

More than 34 million API calls daily

More than 1 Million eBooks delivered

More than 5 Million Active Users

99.97% Guaranteed Uptime

GDPR Ready


Multi-Format Publishing

Reach readers on their preferred devices with our multi-format publishing capabilities. Create content once and publish across e-readers, tablets, smartphones, and web browsers without compromising quality.

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Subscription Management

For subscription-based models, we offer subscription management tools, enabling you to streamline the subscription process, manage access rights, and handle renewals efficiently.

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Comprehensive Analytics and Insights

Make data-driven decisions to improve your publishing strategy with powerful analytics. Track reader engagement, identify popular content, and measure the performance of your titles across different markets.

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With KITABOO you can

White-labeled Reader App

Offer readers a branded experience with your own customized e-reader app

Multi-device Compatibility

Deliver content seamlessly across e-readers, tablets, PCs, and smartphones

Interactive Features

Enhance books with multimedia, interactive quizzes, and augmented reality

Social Reading

Enable readers to share highlights, notes, and discuss content within the platform

Subscription Models

Implement flexible subscription services for your digital content library

Offline Reading

Allow readers to download and enjoy your content without an internet connection

Leverage KITABOO SDK to integrate interactive capabilities into your reader app.

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KITABOO uses advanced DRM technology to prevent unauthorized copying and distribution of your digital content.

Yes, KITABOO preserves intricate layouts and design elements, ensuring a faithful digital representation of your print books.

KITABOO supports a wide range of formats including EPUB, PDF, and proprietary formats for various e-reader devices.

KITABOO provides robust metadata management tools to enhance discoverability and streamline distribution across various platforms.

Yes, KITABOO offers API integration capabilities to connect with your royalty management and other publishing systems.

Absolutely, KITABOO excels in creating fixed-layout e-books ideal for illustrated books, cookbooks, and children's literature.

KITABOO allows for easy updates and push notifications to readers, ensuring your content stays current across all platforms.

Yes, KITABOO supports the creation of enhanced e-books with embedded multimedia content for a richer reading experience.

KITABOO provides features to create promotional excerpts, book trailers, and shareable content to boost your marketing efforts.

KITABOO regularly releases updates to align with the latest e-book standards and emerging technologies in digital publishing.

This structure maintains the format of the Enterprise Training page while addressing the specific needs and challenges of traditional publishers. It highlights KITABOO's strengths in digital transformation, content protection, distribution, and analytics tailored for the publishing industry.