Top 10 eBook Readers to Consider while Switching from Print Books

Top 13 eBook Readers to Consider while Switching from Print Books

With the rise of the digital era, the format, design, and structure of age-old books have begun to undergo a significant change. Their previously dominant paperback and hardcover versions have started to be replaced by highly customizable, convenient, accessible, and shareable eBooks. 

Being virtual in nature, extent, and origin, eBooks are primarily designed to be read on various electronic devices like desktops, laptops, iPads, and even mobile phones.

However, the best way to derive a great eBook experience is by reading these books on exclusively designed eBook readers.

Table of Contents

I. What Are eBook Readers?

II. Factors to Consider Before Buying an eBook Reader

III. 13 Contemporary eBook Readers That Offer the Best Value for Buck

IV. Conclusion

What are eBook Readers?

eBook readers are essentially handheld gadgets that allow books to be viewed and read in a digital form. These devices are known far and wide for their extremely travel-friendly, lightweight, portable, and smart design. 

Although eBook readers are available in a variety of sophisticated models and designs, they can be distinguished from one another largely in terms of their screen size, connectivity, usability, resolution, pixel density, battery life, sharing support, and adjustable brightness.

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Factors to Consider Before Buying an eBook Reader

When switching from print books and purchasing an eReader, you must account for different aspects since your intended use may influence the specific features you require.

Whether you’re interested in reading timeless literature or discovering the latest titles, here are the factors to consider before you invest in an eReader:

Display Size and Quality

Many screens are about the size of a small book—approximately six inches wide. This smaller size makes it easier to switch from physical books to digital screens. However, eReaders with a bigger screen could be more beneficial if you’re looking to read textbooks or do research while you work.

Build and Design

Test how the device feels in your hands and its overall appearance. If the device is comfortable to hold and attractive to look at, you’ll likely end up using it more often. Lots of eReaders are made to be sleek, light, and easy to transport, making them a more convenient choice than lugging around heavy piles of books.

Battery Life

Many eReaders have impressive battery life. Even inexpensive models like the Kobo Glo and Kindle Paperwhite can last for weeks. eInk devices use power only when you’re turning pages or browsing the store, giving them longer battery life compared to devices with LCD screens.

Features like Wi-Fi, color screens, automatic page-turning, and brightness levels can also significantly impact battery performance.

Storage Space

eBooks typically don’t require a lot of space. An 8GB eReader can store over 5,000 books, which is typically sufficient for many individuals.

However, those who are passionate about reading or enjoy graphic novels and audiobooks should be mindful of their device’s storage capacity.

File Format Support

Yet another factor to consider is the types of eBooks and documents the eReader device can support. Various retailers offer books in different formats, such as ePub, TXT, HTML, and PDF. Formats like ePub and PDF allow you to easily transfer your eBooks between devices.

14 Contemporary eBook Readers That Offer the Best Value for Buck

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite 4G LTE

Amazon Kindle Paperwhite | Top 10 eBook Readers to Consider while Switching from Traditional Books

Source –

The Kindle Paperwhite by Amazon is currently the most popular eBook reader available. Compared to its ‘basic’ version, this ultra-thin book reader offers an astounding quality upgrade.

The main features that make Kindle Paperwhite stand out from the crowd are: 

  • A battery that can last up to 6 weeks
  • A 6-inch glare-free screen with five in-built LEDs
  • 4G connectivity, along with regular Wi-Fi
  • A resolution of 300 pixels per inch
  • Waterproof, lightweight & flat fronted
  • Bluetooth to play audiobooks

NOOK Glowlight Plus

NOOK Glowlight Plus | Top 10 eBook Readers to Consider while Switching from Traditional Books

Source –

Available at almost the same price range as the Kindle Paperwhite, the NOOK Glowlight Plus is one of the best reading devices to emerge from Barnes & Noble’s kitty. This high-end eBook reader supports both PDF and ePub formats and runs on primary Android versions.

Its features largely include:  

  • A 7.8-inch screen size with blue light reduction
  • A resolution of 300 pixels per inch
  • An illuminating glow-light, adjustable with the reader’s surroundings
  • IP-67 rating, allowing water immersion up to 3.28 feet
  • Installation support to third-party apps
  • Dust-proof, lightweight, and soft to the touch

Kobo Libra H2O

Kobo Libra H2O | Top 10 eBook Readers to Consider while Switching from Traditional Books

Source – Ars Technica

Containing almost all the features of Kobo’s eReading devices, the Kobo Libra H2O is a reader that is specifically built for students. Its unique interface helps students read documents from a variety of formats, thus allowing them to review and study books effectively.

The other major features of Kobo are: 

  • Supports ePub, JPEG, GIF, TIFF, HTML, CBR, RTF & PNG files
  • A 7-inch backlit screen
  • Waterproof and lightweight
  • Frontal lights that change colors
  • Offers regular Wi-Fi at 2.4 GHz speed
  • Enough space for around 6000 books

Kobo Elipsa 2E

The Kobo Elipsa 2E is compatible with library books and news articles and features the built-in OpenDyslexic font, which enhances the reading experience.

Note-taking is seamless on the Elipsa, allowing users to write directly on the page with the included stylus. Additionally, the device offers dedicated notebook functionality with customizable templates.

The other major features of Kobo are: 

  • Supports ePub, PDF, JPEG, GIF, PNG, BMP, TIFF, TXT, HTML, RTF, CBZ, and CBR file formats
  • 10.3-inch HD eInk Carta display with adjustable brightness
  • Capacitive touchscreen with stylus support for note-taking and annotations
  • Internal storage capacity of 32GB for storing thousands of eBooks and documents
  • Wi-Fi connectivity for seamless access to online libraries and bookstores

Onyx BOOX Max 3

Onyx BOOX Max 3 | Top 10 eBook Readers to Consider while Switching from Traditional Books

Source –

The Onyx BOOX Max 3 is a stunning eBook reader that can easily be placed a cut above the rest. This reader permits you to take notes, leave bookmarks, and add remarks on the device itself. As a result, it becomes ideal for those who want to read scientific/technical papers.

The Max 3 hosts other features like:

  • A large screen measuring 13.3 inches
  • Runs on Android and supports third-party apps
  • Free, non-chargeable stylus
  • Clear, crisp, and glare-free readability
  • Back-lit screen, lightweight and dust-proof
  • Supports all file formats

Apple iPad Mini 5

Apple iPad Mini 5 | Top 10 eBook Readers to Consider while Switching from Traditional Books

Source –

The Apple iPad Mini 5 provides the best quality of reading experience compared to its other counterparts. This eBook reader is slightly higher priced, but the escalation in cost is completely worth the improvement in design.

The iPad offers a plethora of intriguing features like:

  • A 64-256GB storage space
  • A 7.9-inch screen size with a 2GB RAM
  • Can play audiobooks with Bluetooth
  • Finger-friendly, smart hand grip
  • A lithium-ion, long-lasting battery
  • Auto-rotating screen

SuperNote A5 Digital

SuperNote A5 Digital | Top 10 eBook Readers to Consider while Switching from Traditional Books

Source –

The greatest competition to Kindle Paperwhite comes from the house of SuperNote. SuperNote’s A5 Digital is equivalent to Paperwhite in terms of its features, design, style, and price. With its digital inch touch screen, you can read & make notes at a time and place of your convenience!

SuperNote’s features primarily include: 

  • Smart grip & dust-proof
  • A 10.3-inch screen size
  • Easy nighttime reading due to reduced light exposure
  • A display resolution of 1872×1404
  • A PPI of 226 coupled with 32GB internal storage
  • An extra WACOM active digitizer layer

Amazon Kindle Scribe - 16GB

The Kindle Scribe offers a spacious 10.2-inch display, ideal for reading and note-taking. It also offers customizable digital notebooks and stylus support. Its metal back provides a premium feel, albeit slightly less grip. The device boasts a refined software experience and a vast eBook library at competitive prices.

Some key features include:

  • Large 10.2-inch display for immersive reading and note-taking
  • Customizable digital notebooks with various page templates
  • Smooth stylus support for writing and highlighting text
  • Extensive eBook library

To tap into the Amazon Kindle market, it is advisable to convert your publications into a compatible Kindle format like AZW3 or ePub. KITABOO, a well-known platform for textbook publishing, could be the perfect choice for fulfilling all your eBook conversion requirements.

Amazon Fire HD 8

Amazon Fire HD 8 | Top 10 eBook Readers to Consider while Switching from Traditional Books

Source –

Amazon Fire HD 8 is not just another eReader. It is a device that combines the advantages of both book readers and tablets. Available at an extremely competitive price, it comes with millions of economical eBooks and in-built audio capacities.

Its chief features are: 

  • Availability of audiobooks via Alexa
  • Blue-shaded, optimized backlight
  • Display size of 8 inches
  • Expandable storage capacity up to 1.6GB
  • A 1.3 GHz quad-core processor
  • Lightweight – around 363 grams

Onyx Boox Tab Mini C

The Onyx Boox Tab Mini C stands out among color-screen eReaders due to its 7.8-inch display, ideal for comics and graphic novels, and Android 11 OS, which grants you access to the Google Play Store for eBook and audiobook downloads via Kindle or Kobo apps.

Equipped with a built-in speaker for audiobooks and music, it also features a stylus for note-taking and doodling. However, note-taking is limited to external content rather than eBooks within the device’s library.

Other features that make it stand apart are:

  • Frontlight technology for reading in various lighting conditions.
  • Multi-language support for diverse user preferences.
  • Expandable storage via microSD card slot.
  • Bluetooth connectivity for wireless accessories.
  • Annotation tools for marking up documents and PDFs.

Sony DPT-RP1/B Digital Paper

Sony DPT-RP1 B Digital Paper | Top 10 eBook Readers to Consider while Switching from Traditional Books

Source –

The DPT-RP1/B Digital Paper eBook reader is Sony’s digital device with the potential to compete with other tab-making giants like Amazon, Apple, and Google. This reader is principally suited to reading, reviewing, and studying work-based documents.

The DPT-RP1 carries a variety of features like: 

  • A 13-inch touchscreen
  • A high contrast, glare-free display
  • Easy to mark, write, annotate, or highlight
  • Ability to share books via Wi-Fi or USB
  • A battery that can last up to 3 weeks
  • Thin-sized & simple to carry

Midia Inkbook 8

Midia Inkbook 8 | Top 10 eBook Readers to Consider while Switching from Traditional Books

Source –

Released in 2018, the Midia Inkbook 8 is a premium eBook reading device that borrows many features from its competitor, the Kobo Aura One. However, the Midia Inkbook is much lighter and smarter than the Aura.

Moreover, it also provides some exclusive features that lend it a distinct edge. These are: 

  • Waterproof, lightweight and dust-proof
  • A large touchscreen of about 8.9 inches
  • Can read materials even from other content providers
  • Powered by Android 4.2.2
  • Storage space of 32GB
  • Ability to customize font sizes

Tolino Vision 5

Tolino Vision 5 | Top 10 eBook Readers to Consider while Switching from Traditional Books

Source –

The Tolino Vision 5 is essentially a reader that is increasingly finding favor with the younger generation. This device supports almost all file formats and runs on basic and advanced Android versions. It is also crafted with a highly ergonomic design that provides users with a unique, intuitive experience.

Vision 5’s features largely include:

  • A 7-inch screen with automatic display rotation
  • Smart lights & color temperature adjustment
  • Enhanced contrast and sharper text
  • Optimal water protection
  • A resolution of 300 pixels per inch
  • Reading in both portrait and landscape mode


Reading is essential for those who seek to rise above the ordinary.

                                   – Jim Rohn, American entrepreneur

While switching from print books for the first time, choosing the right eBook reader is essential for enhancing your digital reading experience. From the importance of portability and battery life to the quality of the screen and the capacity for storage, each factor is critical to meeting your specific reading needs. Whether you read books occasionally or are an avid reader, it’s important to consider these aspects to find a device that suits your preferences.

As a publisher, if you’re looking to give your readers a seamless eBook experience, consider  KITABOO, a platform that simplifies your distribution by eliminating the need for multiple hardware options altogether.

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