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Top eBook Apps for Education: Supporting PDF, EPUB, MOBI

The Internet is one of the most important sources of education at all levels today. In particular, eBooks present an opportunity for learners of all age groups to benefit from a wealth of learning present in a digital form. Unlike physical textbooks and learning-based books, digital books come with several benefits such as accessibility, flexibility, cost-effectiveness, and interactivity.

The growing interest in learning-based eBooks has led to the rise of eBook apps for education, which offer learners a wide range of options, and a superior reading experience. For instance, the digital textbook publishing tool KITABOO allows learners to download educational eBooks across platforms and operating systems, and enjoy an interactive reading experience. It is becoming the go-to tool for educational publishers to publish and distribute their educational products. 

In this blog, we decode eBook apps for education, their benefits, the top ones in the market, and their unique features. 

Table of Contents 

I. What are eBook Apps For Education?

II. Benefits of eBook Apps For Education

III. The Top eBook Apps For Education

IV. The Takeaway

What are eBook Apps For Education?

Anyone looking for eBook apps for education is bound to come across a host of solutions available in the market today. These tools provide educational publishers with a single, unified platform to enable the seamless creation, publishing, and distribution of interactive eBooks to global audiences.

Superior eBook apps use a mix of technologies such as Artificial Intelligence (AI), Machine Learning (ML), cloud computing, optical character recognition, and robotic automation to simplify the publishing workflow. Each app also enables the publication of eBooks in diverse file formats such as PDF, ePUB, and Mobi. 

For instance, a cloud-based platform such as KITABOO comes equipped with PDF to ePUB conversion services, accessibility features, and a digital rights management system, which is an important tool for publishers. It enables the publication of eBooks in multiple file formats.

Benefits of eBook Apps For Education

Here’s a snapshot of how eBook apps are useful to students in the learning journey:

  • They provide access to a wide range of learning content – from academic papers to tutorials on subjects. A lot of this content is free of cost. 
  • Students can enjoy a superior and interactive reading experience that makes the learning journey more engaging. They can highlight content, take notes, and search for content easily. 
  • Such eReader apps also prioritise accessibility features that support students with disabilities, and learning challenges in their learning journeys. 
  • Such apps are either free to download or are very cost-effective, and hence, very pocket-friendly for students.

The Top eBook Apps For Education

Here’s a round-up of popular eBook apps for education: 


This interactive eBook app is compatible with iOS, Android, and Windows, enabling learners to download eBooks seamlessly. They can read them anytime, even in offline mode, a key advantage. Learners can enjoy an interactive, multimedia-rich experience, with a seamless experience of access to audio, video, and images. and engage in several ways.

For instance, they can make notes, bookmark pages, and highlight important text. The app focuses on making products accessible. For instance, the app’s text-to-speech capabilities enable learners to leverage the read-aloud feature to “listen” to eBooks, making reading a more accessible experience. They can also engage and access eBooks in multiple formats.

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FBReader or Favorite Book Reader, is a free-to-use, open-source eBook reader. This product supports platforms such as Chrome OS, Linux, Android, Windows, iOS and Mac OS. It also supports primary formats such as FB2 and ePUB, as well as others like mobi, plain text, HTML, and RTF.

Users can access a built-in dictionary, a network library that offers free eBooks, and a Google Drive sync option.


This reader exclusively serves iOS users. It facilitates access to multiple book catalogs and supports file formats including PDF, ePUB, Mobi, Kindle, DjVu, Audiobook, FictionBook, and Comic Book. It comes with cloud storage and enables extensive customization.

Aldiko Book Reader

This one is a free-to-use app for Android and iOS, which enables users to read PDF and ePUB ebooks, as well as eBooks that are encrypted by Adobe. Readers can adjust font sizes and colors, as well as backgrounds. 

Bluefire Reader

Available across Windows, Android, and iOS, Bluefire Reader enables syncing across devices and night reading mode. It supports PDF and ePUB2 files, as well as important reading features such as bookmarking, dictionary look-up, contextual search, text highlighting, and comments. 

Onyx Boox Note Pro

This is a physical reader device with a large, clear display that is especially useful for students, as it supports multimedia learning content and eBooks. Users can make handwritten notes, and get access to a wide spectrum of resources. 


This eBooks and audiobook subscription service has an online library that features over 170 million titles. It has a wide selection of educational content that is crowdsourced, including academic papers, textbooks, and guides. Hence, Scribd is very relevant to students seeking educational content for learning.  

Cool Reader

This reader is a cross-platform, free app that’s compatible with Android and other devices that support eBook formats like PDF, ePUB, Mobi, FB2, DOC, PDB, HTML, TXT, RTF, and TCR. The app offers users customizability and a read-aloud option. 

Barnes and Noble Nook

This is a suite of eReader devices developed by Barnes and Noble on the Android platform, to help enhance the reading experience. Learners can also download the Barnes and Noble Nook app on their phones. Readers can adjust the light, access eBooks in multiple formats, and physically improve the reading experience and navigate the content with the physical page-turn buttons. 

PocketBook Reader

This free eReader app is available on both Android and iOS and is a handy tool to access eBooks, magazines, textbooks, audiobooks, and other types of digital content. It also offers access to extensive customization features. It supports documents in the form of PDF, ePUB, DjVu, FB2, FB2. zip, among others. 

The Takeaway

eBook apps for education make it easy for educational publishers to create, publish, and distribute their eBooks to global audiences. Each app comes with its unique strengths. The key is to understand the needs of your learning audiences and choose the right app/s accordingly. 

Publishers can partner with the digital textbook publishing platform KITABOO, for their eBooks creation, publishing, and distribution needs, while also leveraging the downloadable eReader app to provide a smooth reading experience. Leverage our cloud-based digital publishing platform, available in both a licensed version (one-time purchase) and a flexible subscription model.

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