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Top 6 Author Platforms for Secure Digital Publishing

In the last few years, the digital publishing industry has witnessed a tremendous spurt of growth. Not only has it penetrated the pedestals previously held by traditional publishing methods, but it has also provided a low-cost and high-return alternative to various types of audiences across the globe. The digital publishing market has skyrocketed recently and created a massive spike since 2020, bringing rapid growth and numerous opportunities in the digital world.

However, despite the instant gratification that digital publishing can provide, choosing a specific format that meets your needs and requirements is indeed a major challenge. You don’t just have to find an author platform that stimulates the curiosity of your target audience, but you also have to find an effective tool that fulfills your overall publishing goals. 

As a digital publisher, if you too have been facing a similar problem, here is a list of some major author platforms that you can employ to publish your content securely.

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The Future of Digital Publishing

Top 6 Author Platforms for Digital Publishing -


Primarily conceived as a cloud-based author platform, today, KITABOO is the world’s leading eBook solution provider with a vast global reach of 15 million users. Using DRM protection to help publishers create and distribute content, KITABOO ensures that safety and security remain the fundamental pillars of your digital space. It’s the best platform for digital publishers to create interactive and engaging content. Furthermore, the platform backs a plethora of assets with result-oriented features such as data analytics, user insights, and multimedia interactivity, giving it a definite edge over all its competitors. 


  • KITABOO can help you digitally publish your content on multiple devices and platforms
  • It is an LTI compliant, white-labeled application that easily integrates with existing LMS
  • The author platform offers free DRM protection, security, and encryption
  • KITABOO uses a comprehensive analytics tool to track content creation and consumption

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2. Quark 

Quark is essentially a SaaS-based author platform that teaches you how to build your platform. It enables creative professionals, digital publishers, and content creators to accomplish all of their automation, management, sales, and marketing-related tasks efficiently. Its contemporarily designed software doesn’t just serve as an opportunity for publishers to create an impeccably styled author platform, but it also helps them bring the vision of their publishing business to life.


  • Quark offers instant integration with other lead generation software
  • It harbors a well-documented and curated sales enablement software
  • The modern design of this author platform facilitates quick content distribution
  • Quark contains an in-built analytics dashboard that tracks activity and usage

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3. Zmags 

Zmags, as an author platform, is known far and wide for creating, publishing, and distributing shoppable content. You can easily employ its technically sound tools to turn your physical assets into interactive and engaging digital content. In the longer run, this helps generate leads, create interest and thus, boost conversions. The instant delivery format and optimal resource utilization of Zmags make it one of the most loved author platforms.


  • Zmags primarily uses a drag-and-drop tool for creating and distributing good content
  • It has embeddable animations and well-guided selling tools
  • Zmags allows offline content access along with Google Analytics integration
  • The platform also provides various analytical tools to monitor conversions securely

4. Joomag  

The basic design of Joomag has been formulated with the intent to cater to all the needs of a modern digital publisher. Whether you want to track performance, trigger multi-channel distribution, or encourage monetization – Joomag will prove to be the one-stop source for you. There are times when this author platform downplays cross-device responsiveness in favor of integration, but its impressive analytics system matches up with this drawback.


  • Joomag contains more than 300 pre-designed, interactive templates with rich media
  • You can use it to distribute content across different channels and customized apps
  • It provides insights for tracing leads, traffic, content, engagement and conversions
  • Joomag, with its multi-platform optimization, offers a haven for secure digital publishing


YUDU is an author platform that permits digital publishers to take their content across various sets of operating systems, formats, and devices. Be it iOS, Android, web, or Windows – YUDU distributes content throughout the length and breadth of the full digital publishing spectrum. Its advanced tools process both HTML and PDF files while gathering GDPR compliant data, formalizing engagement metrics and developing communication channels.  


  • YUDU provides a branded app delivery with feature-rich publishing methods
  • You can access all the available applications offline and perform in-app purchases
  • This author platform example has centralized data hubs and offers custom subscription models
  • YUDU also offers a number of communication and alerting tools 

6. Readz 

Last but certainly not least, the Readz author platform helps several business houses to create a variety of engaging, interactive and immersive content solutions. Readz doesn’t just make the entire process of content distribution entirely uncomplicated but it also allows the creation of result-focused and target-oriented, structured modules which can help take your publishing business to greater heights. 


  • Readz provides an extensive array of customized design studios and SEO tools
  • As an author platform, it carries a wide range of inbuilt templates and visual editors
  • Readz offers integrated analytical solutions for instant content conversions 
  • It also hosts a central dashboard that tracks traffic data and prepares conversion reports


Publishers have gradually started to shift towards a more accessible, resourceful, and lucrative form of content creation that harbors value and merit. Author platforms provide them with the tools to create new content, enhance existing content, and thereby offer an interactive and immersive reading experience to the users.

So, take your time and choose any one of the aforementioned digital authoring platforms. While picking a platform, make sure that you take your budget into account and thus align the author platform with your business outlook, marketing strategy, and publishing goals. 

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