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Create eBooks Like a Pro in 2024: Insider Tips & Tools

As an online author, you understand the challenges of creating an eBook that resonates with your audience, avoids common pitfalls, and stands out in today’s competitive landscape. The struggle to choose the right tools and follow effective tips can often leave you feeling stuck.

Navigating the plethora of available tools and deciding on the most effective tips can be a source of perpetual uncertainty. Your commitment to delivering the best to your audience often leaves you grappling with these questions, leading to a state of stagnation where choices seem elusive.

If this is true for you, read on as we give you this guide to create eBooks like a pro, along with some simple, yet effective tips and tricks to ease your tasks. 

Table of Contents:

I.) 2024 eBook Trends: What to Expect in the World of eBook Publishing?

II.) Essential Tips for Creating Compelling Content

III.) Must-Have Tools to Create Professional-Looking eBooks

IV.) Conclusion

As each year progresses, new technologies are introduced, trends change and newer strategies emerge. In this context, being up-to-date with the latest is no longer a choice; it has become a necessity. 

In 2024, eBooks are anticipated to experience increased popularity and revenue growth. Additionally, here are few more emerging industry trends: 

  • The rise of romance sub-genres
  • A potential surge in virtual reality eBooks
  • The rise of book summary platforms

These coupled with the growing significance of technology as a competitive advantage within the book publishing industry may also lead to other trends. Here are a few.

  • The future of eBooks is constantly evolving. It is separate from that of traditional books because eBooks use movement, interactivity, and connectivity. Video is one certain element in an eBook. Going forward, eBooks may become closer to apps than to physical books. They will be shareable, social, and flexible. 
  • eBook interactivity is already extremely popular in online education, corporate training, and marketing and will continue to grow rapidly. Interactive elements increase reader engagement and make the reading experience more immersive.
  • Similarly, multimedia elements make eBooks more attractive, dynamic, and memorable for readers. As these elements also help convey the author’s message effectively, they will continue to experience rising popularity in 2024. 

KITABOO, a leading digital platform, can help with the seamless integration of interactive elements into eBooks.

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Essential Tips for Creating Compelling Content

Writing a professional eBook requires careful planning, research, and attention to detail. Here are some tips and techniques to help you create high-quality content for your eBook:

  • Choose a topic that resonates with your target audience. Conduct extensive research to gather information on this topic.
  • Develop a detailed outline of the eBook including the main chapters, subtopics, and key points you want to cover.
  • To facilitate a reader’s navigation of your final eBook, include a table of contents and a quick reference index.
  • Add an engrossing opening paragraph that grabs a readers’ attention and establishes a powerful tone for the eBook. Mention the highlights and main points you will cover in your book. 
  • Before publishing your eBook, it is imperative that you check it thoroughly to identify any flaws.
  • Pay attention to your eBook’s overall formatting and layout, using consistent fonts, headings, and spacing.
  • Consider hiring a professional editor to help you fine-tune your eBook and catch any mistakes.
  • Make use of email marketing, social media, and a well-thought-out landing page to draw in readers and promote your eBook.
  • Offer your readers extra resources, such as cheat sheets, templates, or bonuses, to provide additional value.

Remember, creating an eBook requires time and effort, so have patience and remain dedicated.

Must-Have Tools to Create Professional-Looking eBooks

Creating an eBook takes ample time. To make sure your effort yields a polished and professional eBook, having the right tools at your disposal is essential.

Here are some must-have tools that streamline the eBook creation process:


KITABOO is a cloud-based digital publishing platform and eBook creator software that allows the creation, publishing, and distribution of interactive multimedia-rich and mobile-friendly digital content. It offers features such as support in 25 languages, ePub conversion support, user analytics, and secure online book distribution, making it a comprehensive solution for professional eBook creation.

How to Build an eBook Store

Adobe InDesign

InDesign is a versatile tool suitable for creating eBooks, digital magazines, interactive PDFs, and more. It offers a wide range of features and customization options, making it a popular choice for visually appealing eBooks.


Blurb offers a drag-and-drop editor, access to a brand asset hub, and customizable templates.


Marq provides a free plan that allows the creation of three documents per month. It features a drag-and-drop editor, access to a brand asset hub, and customizable templates, making it a convenient option for eBook creation.


Canva offers a free online eBook maker with thousands of customizable templates, making it a user-friendly option for creating professional-quality eBooks. It not only provides a wide range of templates but also allows for easy customization of design elements, ensuring your eBook has a polished and professional appearance.


Leveraging user-friendly eBook creation tools facilitates the process and enhances the overall quality of your digital content. 

With a platform like KITABOO, you can also protect your intellectual property with DRM protection. It also gives you detailed analytics on content consumption, helping you make more informed decisions going forward.  

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