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How To: A Step-By-Step Guide to Publishing eBooks

eBooks have become a widely consumed medium of written content. They offer innumerable advantages over physical books. It spares authors the trouble of catching the eyes of the big five companies to get their books published and eliminates the cost of printing and distribution.

With a subject that appeals to a reading audience and ample marketing, your online book publishing adventure is bound to be successful. 

Self-publishing a book online has become the top preference of budding authors and also veterans in the business. Its appeal is due to the benefits it offers, like absolute control over your work and the opportunity to make more profits through direct sales. 

The reins of the marketing machinery also lie in your hands, ensuring better sales. 

Are you new to the self-publishing industry? Fret not! We have the perfect step-by-step guide to publishing eBooks online without any hassle. 

Step 1: Decide on the 'Why' of Your Writing

The foremost step in creating an ebook is to decide the purpose of writing it. This step is a no-brainer. The why of writing a book is a pertinent question that authors must ask themselves before starting the book. 

Whether your driving force is writing to create an asset that generates income or promoting an upcoming or already existing business, it should be clear in your head much before you begin your book.

Step 2: Pick a Topic

A rookie mistake most newcomers in the writing sphere make is trying to incorporate everything they know into their pieces. You do not want to jam information as it will make your eBook lose appeal and end up bulky and chunky, if not worse. 

Strive to be succinct, and your book will do well online. 

Adopting the rifle approach (an approach designed to hit a specific objective) to writing your book and keeping a target audience in mind, helps you connect with your readers and have great sales.

Step 3: Get Writing

This step is where the magic happens. Once your purpose of writing and the topic are in place, it is time to get the keyboard clicking. 

The writing process is smoother and quicker with the right writing tools and a suitable atmosphere.

Be mindful to refrain from editing while writing, as that will break your flow and save you crucial time. Write systematically, going from one chapter to another, and avoid  jumping to and fro. 

Taking help from someone along the way is a wise choice.

Step 4: Early Marketing Does the Trick

This might sound crazy, but before your book is complete, you must prepare to market it. 

Yes, you heard that right. 

Marketing beforehand will help you engage with your reading audience and garner their attention toward the launch of your book. Keep them posted about your process, and leverage social media. 

Gathering the emails of prospective readers is recommended. You can also offer a free eBook copy and ask for a review.

Step 5: Get Your Book Proofread

Proofreading is an indispensable part of publishing an eBook. Not only does it bring grammatical errors to the forefront, but it also brings in a fresh perspective that can help you create a tightly-knit book that reads seamlessly from cover to cover. 

Having your first draft proofread helps minimize errors and speeds up the editing process.

Step 6: Decide on a Title

Keeping it simple is what we are aiming for in this step. Your audience will fail to understand your book title, the fancier you try to be. A title that is to the point and uncomplicated is what will drive readers to it. 

However, make sure you only settle on a title after the first draft of your eBook is in place, as it will tamper with the writing process and limit the possibilities.

Step 7: Edit!

What sets apart a spectacular eBook from mediocre ones is the kind of editing that it undergoes. You can either look into your contacts for the job or hire professional services based on your budget. 

It is advisable to go for more than one round of editing if the result is unsatisfactory. Quality editing gives your eBook a defining edge.

Step 8: Covers Play a Crucial Role in Conversion Rates

Books are definitely judged by their covers. You want to get this one right. 

Hiring a professional graphic designer is of immense help if you want to cast a lasting impression just by the cover of your eBook. After all, the eBook cover is what will encourage potential readers to read it.. 

There are several designers online who create eBook covers professionally. Seeking their help can be beneficial.

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Step 9: Format

Deciding on a format is one of the most crucial steps when looking to publish an eBook online. 

People view eBooks on various devices. In such a scenario, pay significant attention to the format. 

Seeking professional help will aid you immensely in keeping distorted formatting at bay when your audience views your eBooks across devices. You can also format your eBook singlehandedly with free online tools available.

Step 10: It Is Time to Hit ‘Save and Upload’

Your eBook is just a few steps away from being published online. 

Deciding upon a price for your eBook is the next step. You also need to select a discounted price that will lure readers into pushing the buy button during the discounted launch of your eBook because who doesn’t like getting value for money? 

Once you have set the price, upload your eBook on an online self-publishing platform and make it available to the public.

Step 11: Reach Out to Influencers and Readers

It is time to take your marketing to the next level. As your book has appeared online, you must go all out on the marketing. 

Reaching out to your email leads and sending out copies to influencers is a great way to collect reviews and promote your self-published eBook.

To Wrap Up

Once your eBook is launched online, it is time to sit back and relax. You can track how your book is doing online by the sales figures and reviews you get. With that done, you can start working on your next eBook and set afoot on the journey to becoming a successful self-published author.

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