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Digital eBook Creator: Transform Your Writing Today!

With the growing popularity of eBooks, more writers are considering publishing their books in a digital format instead of paperback. This is understandable, considering that eBooks readership is projected to hit 1.1 billion by 2027

The book and eBook publishing process itself has evolved significantly over the last few years. Advances in technology are enabling writers to have more control over the types of eBooks they create, how they market them, and the revenues they can command.

With access to the right digital tool, anyone who wants to be successful in the eBooks publishing arena can create, publish, and distribute eBooks securely and seamlessly. Cloud-based tools such as KITABOO, for instance, are revolutionizing the end-to-end eBooks experience for authors. 

So, let’s understand what exactly a digital eBook creator is, its key features, and its game-changing benefits for the contemporary writer.

Table of Contents:

I. What Is a Digital eBook Creator?

II. Transform Writing with a Digital eBook Creator 

III. The Takeaway

What Is a Digital eBook Creator?

A digital eBook creator is a software tool that comes with superior features and functionalities, enabling you to create and manage your eBooks from end-to-end, seamlessly. These tools essentially perform and enables the following functions:

eBook Creation

With these tools you can create your eBooks with ease. By adding text, images, videos, and other multimedia elements, and also including interactive features such as widgets, you can create engaging eBooks.

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eBook Publishing

When your eBook content is done and you are satisfied with the preview, you can proceed to publish it. Once published, you can continue to upgrade it as and when the need arises.

eBook Hosting

An eBook needs a home where it can be hosted and accessed by the public. Some eBook creators also enable you to host your very own eBook store, where you can display your books and market your brand.

eBook Distribution

Secure, authorized distribution is another important feature of these tools. You can choose the conditions of access to your eBooks, based on your preferences. This gives you control over who views your content, while protecting your revenues.

Transform Writing with a Digital eBook Creator

Access to such eBook creation tools allow you to completely transform the way you write your eBooks.

Here’s how:

Reimagine Your eBooks

The contemporary eBook can look very different from physical books. These are not  PDF replicas of text-heavy books. Besides text, hyperlinks, and images, you can also consider embedding multimedia elements that complement the theme of your eBook.

For instance, you can add video snippets, audio representations, and relevant podcasts, to bring alive ideas and concepts. Alternatively, you can keep the text minimal and focus on the power of visual storytelling. How you want to reimagine your eBooks is completely in your control.

Choose a Reflowable or Fixed Layout

Readers access eBooks from a wide range of devices. Hence, your eBook must be compatible with diverse screens and reach more audiences. This is where choosing the right file format and layout is important. The ePub format provides enhanced readability as opposed to PDFs.

Furthermore, digital eBook creators such as KITABOO enable you to choose between a reflowable or fixed layout. A reflowable layout complements text-heavy eBooks, which automatically reflow as per the device screen. On the other hand, a fixed layout suits multimedia-heavy eBooks, as it enables readability without disrupting the formatting.


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Weave In Interactivity

These eBook creation tools enable authors to weave interactive elements into their eBooks. For instance, you can enable commenting, text highlighting, a robust search function, interactive widgets, and assessments. The scope of interactive eBooks is immense.

Automate Publishing Processes

The use of an automated, AI-powered tool allows you to expedite the eBook creation process by automating certain parts such as the creation of indexes, the addition of references, and other aspects of formatting. Also, user-friendly interfaces ensure that you don’t need a background in coding to create your eBook.

Harness Existing Content

A superior tool would come with PDF conversion capabilities. This should allow you to convert your existing PDF pages into an ePub eBook in a matter of minutes. This approach offers more data security. You can also value by embedding multimedia and making the eBook more interactive. However, in order to do this, it is best not to use a free online conversion tool.

Track Your Audience Engagement

Digital eBook creators  often give you a window into your audience’s engagement levels, behaviors, and interests with in-depth data analytics. You can conceptualize future eBooks based on the data and continue innovating. You can also upgrade existing eBooks with newer interactive elements to keep your content fresh.

Market Your eBooks Effectively

Marketing your eBooks effectively is as important as creating engaging products. With the adoption of the right tool, you can build a branded eStore to  showcase your eBook collection. You can run special offers and campaigns with your online bookstore as a centerpiece.

Protect Your Intellectual Property

As an independent author, you want to be able to protect your intellectual property from plagiarism and intellectual property theft. An In-built digital rights management (DRM) system helps you cost-effectively achieve these goals. DRM empowers authors to distribute eBooks securely by enabling access to authorized users only.

Drive Revenues

DRM-protected eBooks also enable authors to generate multiple streams of income. You  can sell your eBooks as a lifetime access product, as well as design subscription services for readers who can access a book for a limited amount of time.

The Takeaway

Access to a superior digital eBook creator gives you control and the freedom to transform and enhance your writing. These feature-rich, automated platforms are a valuable asset and your one-stop-shop through your writing journey. 

Today, writers, businesses, and publishing houses can leverage cloud-based, digital publishing platforms, such as KITABOO, to publish, distribute, market, and amplify their eBooks to audiences around the world. 

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