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ePub Authoring Software in 2024: Crafting eBooks Made Easy

One of the biggest advantages any eBook user gets to enjoy over someone who prefers printed books is flexibility. Yes – when it comes to versatility, an eBook’s scope is much broader. Statistically speaking, these digital readables are available in no less than 60 types!

Out of them, simplistic ones like PDF and TXT are known to almost everyone. However, another file type that fits this context yet lacks appropriate acknowledgment is ePub.  Crowned by Adobe as one of the most “widely-supported” file formats, it’s only recently that ePub eBooks have started gaining significance among the masses. 

But better late than never, right? So, if you are an eBook publisher, read this blog, discover the benefits and top tools for ePub authoring, and make your eBook publication and distribution process extra efficient. Let’s start!

Table of Contents:

I. What Is ePub Authoring Software?

II. What Are the Benefits of ePub Authoring Software?

  1. Improves Device Compatibility
  2. Supports Multimedia
  3. Eases Distribution

III. Top ePub Authoring Software in 2024 for Creating eBooks

  2. Atticus
  3. Vellum
  4. Scrivener
  5. Calibre

IV. Wrapping Up

What Is ePub Authoring Software?

ePub authoring software is a tool used to craft ePub resources. 

But what is an ePub?

An abbreviation for the word “Electronic Publication,” an ePub is an open standard for eBooks, digital magazines, online educational materials, presentations, and various other digital files. This format is an incredible one for many reasons. 

Firstly, unlike other formats, ePub is multi-device accessible. Moreover, it can also accommodate a range of engaging multimedia features such as audio, video, images, etc, making it suitable for a vast array of content. 

All these features make ePub authoring software vastly different from other eBook publication tools available in the market.

What Are the Benefits of ePub Authoring Software?

If you’re still on the fence about why you should switch from your regular eBook creation tool to ePub authoring software, here are a few advantages you should pay attention to:

1. Improves Device Compatibility

ePub authoring software like KITABOO creates eBooks in a standardized format. The biggest benefit of such a layout is that it easily adapts to all kinds of screen sizes – big or small. In fact, if that doesn’t prove sufficient, users can also personalize the content (adjust font size, margins, etc.) as per their choice. 

Besides that, ePubs, even in general, are compatible with almost all digital devices – smartphones, laptops, tablets, digital reading devices, etc. So, creating eBooks in this format translates to multiplying your audience base.

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2. Supports Multimedia

As mentioned above, ePub eBooks support a wide range of interactive multimedia elements. From images, audio, videos, and even quizzes – the list is neverending. In fact, ePub 3 – the latest version of this format – also supports software simulations.  

On the other hand, formats such as TXT or MOBI are incapable of extending any native multimedia support at all. Although PDF does possess multimedia integration capabilities, the scope is limited to images, audio, and video only. This makes ePub authoring software fit for publishing eBook content that delivers an engaging user experience.

3. Eases Distribution

ePub files that are created through ePub authoring software are open-standard in nature. This makes them incredibly easy not just to publish but also to distribute.

As an eBook seller, you can sell your ePub eBook through Amazon Kindle Store, Google Play Books, Apple Books, and many other online retailers. Apart from this, you can also utilize your email lists and website to make your eBook reach its target audience without any hassle. This level of ease of distribution is unparalleled.

Top 5 ePub Authoring Software in 2024 for Creating eBooks

Now that you know about the benefits of ePub authoring software, here are five of the best ones you can consider for your eBook publication:


A top-notch digital textbook platform, KITABOO offers a range of features to streamline your publication and distribution process.

For starters, you can incorporate multimedia, personalization options, accessibility functions – basically everything that makes an ePub file rich. Besides that, every piece of content is DRM-protected and can only be accessed with unique codes.

So, if you’re looking for professional ePub authoring software with robust features, choose KITABOO.

2. Atticus

Atticus is an all-in-one software for publishing printed books and eBooks. This ePub authoring software is designed by authors, so all the aspects make sense and are focused on simplifying the whole process.

Its list of features includes pre-built templates, a custom theme builder, integration with major distribution platforms, and so on. Moreover, Atticus is also super user-friendly and boasts an intuitive interface. 

3. Vellum

Exclusively engineered for Mac users, Vellum is essentially an eBook formatting software. It supports a vast directory of file options such as ePub, PDF, MOBI, etc., and can seamlessly convert your plain text files into digital eBooks.

Not just this. Vellum also lets publishers adjust every nuance of their output, such as fonts, styles, and margins, to deliver a reading experience that aligns with their content.

4. Scrivener

Scrivener is a premium ePub authoring software that offers professional features. It’s fundamentally designed for long-format content publication and so proves efficient for eBook publishers.

With Scrivener, creating an ePub eBook is just a matter of clicks – the tool is optimized to streamline the process. You can format the design, add personalization features, and also import the output to publish on a third-party platform.

5. Calibre

Calibre is another wonderful ePub authoring software. It’s especially suitable for publishers who seek an easy-to-use platform with basic features.

Although it doesn’t support eBook creation, if you want to convert your Word files to ePub or other formats, you can easily do that with Calibre. It’s an open-source software and so, totally free of cost.

Wrapping Up

Gone are the days when creating eBooks was a fuss. Thanks to ePub, both accessing and publishing eBooks has become an effortless process. In this blog, we discussed the benefits of ePub and also enlisted five of the top ePub authoring software you can utilize as a publisher.

So, don’t wait. Choose the best ePub authoring software as per your needs and publish your first ePub eBook today!

In this regard, you can definitely leverage the advantages of a top-rated digital textbook platform like KITABOO. It enables eBook creators to create and distribute eBooks and similar other digital content in all popular file formats, including ePub.

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