5 Reasons Why Custom eBook Templates Are Better

Digital content can be a bit difficult to create without the help of good design. In an online world, visual impact matters, and creating an eBook template on your own can be overwhelming given that apart from the visual design, you also have to consider factors such as typography, layouts, and color schemes. So what is the best way out? You don’t have to spend time learning how to design eBook templates or seek professional help. Custom templates for all digital assets including websites, landing pages, and eBooks render an ideal solution for all digital publishers and educational institutions. 

What are Custom eBook Templates?

Custom eBook templates are highly relevant for modern-day digital publishers and self-publishing authors. An eBook template is a predesigned document that includes all elements of an eBook such as typography, color scheme, layout, and structure. Custom eBook templates are those that allow you to edit these elements to create a visually-appealing eBook with your own specs and specifications and in line with your brand. These templates, thus, give you the creative freedom to play around with the elements to represent your own vision and brand.

The custom templates are, thus, actually pre-made designs that you can customize to meet their unique requirements and specific standards, and provide a consistent user experience across all your digital assets. You can customize pre-defined eBook templates from template libraries or create your own custom eBook templates for future use.

Benefits of Custom eBook Templates

There are several benefits to using custom eBook templates. Here, in this article, we will discuss five reasons why custom ebook templates are better.

Digital Convenience

The importance of good design can never be underestimated. Creative design is what will attract your readers, motivating them to find more information about your eBook and then make a purchase. Great designs are precious, but not everyone can hire full-time or freelance graphic designers to design eBooks. Custom eBook templates are a convenient option as they remove the complicated design steps, allowing even the most novice designer to customize them to create wonderful visuals. Besides designing costs, you can also save time designing eBooks from scratch and put them to greater use in writing or other core activities. Custom eBook templates are designed in such a way that you have to spend just minimum time filling in critical details such as text and images. Custom eBook templates mean that you don’t have to recreate the same design again and again for each new eBook you publish.


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Brand Consistency

Custom eBook templates also allow you to maintain your brand guidelines and consistency. If you are downloading from reputable sites, content management systems (CMS), or learning management systems (LMS), you will find that these templates are systematized to meet all the specifications for intended purposes, for example, the length and width of the eBooks. Then again, you can customize all major written, visual, and print components in accordance with your brand identity and provide a consistent end-user experience across all your digital assets.

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Online Optimization

Custom eBook templates from renowned digital content providers and content management platforms are search engine optimized. On the other hand, poor design can disturb the SEO, thus, putting your eBooks out of view of your customers. On the other hand, an SEO custom eBook template gives you an ideal framework to publish pages that rank high for a given topic. With custom eBook templates, you can provide great content, great design, excellent user experience, and at the same time, improve visibility of your eBooks to your intended online audience.

Reduced Costs

As mentioned above, custom eBook templates are inexpensive, especially when they are offered as part of a package, for instance, when you sign up to an LMS or CMS to author and distribute your eBooks, you can benefit from the eBook templates which you can customize to your own specs and specifications. Although there are several programs and apps that you can use to create them on your own, for example, Google Docs, MSWord, and Canva, these do not suffice the purpose for digital content distribution.

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Easy to Replicate

Browse through your archives, and you may notice that your eBooks don’t follow a consistent pattern in style and aesthetics. This can be problematic if you are considering building your brand, for which you need a consistent visual identity, among other factors. Custom eBook templates are easy to replicate, and you can use them as building blocks to re-design all your eBooks, so they speak a common language and provide a consistent user experience. You can customize these templates around your visual language, for instance, your logo, the colors, and the fonts. You don’t have to wait for approval from your art director; instead, you can create the eBook safe in the knowledge that it is reflective of your brand.


If you are a content creator or publisher, you can design your own eBook templates, hire the services of a graphic designer or use a custom eBook template. The last option, that is, custom eBook template scores over the others in that even if you are a novice, you can use your creative freedom to create a visual story to support your eBook and build your brand. You can customize features and ensure consistency with features such as cover design, colors, fonts, sidebars, headers/footers, chapter breaks, illustrations, diagrams, images, and captions, among others.  Custom eBook templates also offer several other benefits. You don’t have to invest time and money in designing templates from the start. Once you have customized them, you can replicate and scale them for the future. Several credible sites allow you to download or create custom eBook templates for free. However, they have their limitations; for instance, some will enable you to customize just two or five eBooks. This may not be feasible if you are a digital publisher. Suppose you are publishing or distributing your eBooks through an LMS with KITABOO. In that case, you can benefit from custom eBook templates that are search engine optimized and allow you the creative freedom to tell your story in your style.

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