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Boost Your eBook Library with These Top PDF to ePub Converter Software

While PDFs have long been the standard, the rise of the ePub format is changing the game. Known for its adaptability and user-friendly features, ePub is quickly becoming a preferred choice for readers and publishers alike.

In fact, recent trends show a growing preference for ePub, with a notable increase in its popularity among consumers. Owing to their remarkable set of features, this file layout has managed to grab 20% more consumer familiarity in recent times. 

If you’re an enterprise or independent author looking for ways to enhance your eBook sales, now is the best time to capitalize on the pros of ePub file formatting.

Read on as we explore their benefits and also list five of the best PDF to ePub converter software

Table of Contents:

I. What are the Benefits of ePub over PDF?

II. Best PDF to ePub Converter Software in 2024

III. Wrapping Up

I. What are the Benefits of ePub over PDF?

eBooks are radically redefining the landscape of reading. Yet, more commonly than not, they come associated with a spectrum of issues revolving around aspects like accessibility, customization, and content inclusivity.

However, the ePub format emerges as an effective remedy to these pitfalls, making digital reading a breeze.

Here’s how:

Increased Adaptability

The primary benefit of selecting an eBook in an ePub format over the traditional PDF format is its increased accessibility.

Unlike the latter, ePubs created through digital textbook platforms like KITABOO are consciously designed to adapt to diverse user needs to facilitate a swift reading experience. Whether it’s screen size adjustability or multi-device compatibility, this eBook format takes flexibility to the next level by offering it all.

Highly Customizable

One of the biggest downsides of the PDF format is its fixed layout. In the absence of critical modification features, it becomes difficult to navigate an eBook in this format. Contrastingly, ePubs offer remarkable customization solutions.

With emphasized text reflow options, you can easily adjust the font size of the eBook without having to zoom in and out every page.

Supported Multimedia Resources

ePubs seamlessly support a wide array of multimedia content resources and elements like graphics, animation, audio, videos, and more. This facility is also available in PDFs

The only difference is that the scope of multimedia integration is relatively wider in the case of ePubs. On the other hand, PDFs only allow the integration of a select few interactive multimedia elements.

Smaller File Size

The benefits of ePubs over PDFs are not limited to additional features and flexibility. This eBook format is also much lighter and smaller in size than a traditional PDF file. This gives it an edge in speed, meaning a user can download, browse, and even share such files much quicker than usual.

Widely Accessible

Being an open standard file format, ePub eBooks challenge the norms of limited availability. They surpass specific platform dependency and can be accessed anytime, anywhere.

Moreover, this digital file format also offers several special accessibility features like text-to-speech, font customization, and high-contrast modes to facilitate reading for physically impaired individuals.

II. Best PDF to ePub Converter Software

Here are the top five software you can check out to convert your existing PDF files into the versatile and user-friendly ePub format, enhancing your digital reading experience:


An innovative digital textbook platform with a range of solutions, KITABOO ranks top on our list. With its Insights, you can easily convert static PDF files into interactive ePub eBooks.

Moreover, it also offers several other features that facilitate the entire content creation, publishing, and delivery process. This includes features like LMS integration, DRM protection, real-time analytics, and more. All in all, KITABOO is a one-stop solution for authors and enterprises looking to build a comprehensive eBook library from scratch.

2. Zamzar

An online PDF to ePub converter software, Zamzar is a versatile platform. It allows you to convert not only documents but images, videos, and other files into a diverse range of formats. Its intuitive user interface makes navigation easy, further facilitating the entire process.

Moreover, it also offers features that involve watermarking and password-protecting files. With a freemium price model, Zamzar is another top-notch solution for both individuals and enterprises looking for simple online file conversion tools.

3. CloudConvert

CloudConvert is a reputed name in the realm of online PDF to ePub converter software. This tool supports several formats, while its ingenious technology ensures a high degree of conversion accuracy.

In fact, as the name suggests, CloudConvert emphasizes cloud integration. So, you can easily upload files from popular cloud services like Dropbox and Google Drive, saving time and enhancing efficiency. With a powerful API, CloudConvert swiftly streamlines conversion, making it a brilliant choice for all.

4. HiPDF

A free and easy-to-use online tool, HiPDF is another incredible conversion software. In fact, it not only offers conversion solutions. Its scope of services extends to file editing, compression, and more.

HiPDF is multi-device compatible with different devices and operating systems like Windows, Mac OS, Linux, and more. It boasts a robust API and comes pre-encrypted with SSL security. A user-friendly platform that offers a range of features, HiPDF is an efficient tool.

5. Convertio

Looking for a robust yet uncomplicated tool that effortlessly converts all your PDF files into ePub and other formats? Trust Convertio to do the job. A user-friendly file conversion software, this tool supports a wide range of file formats and is widely known for its intuitive user interface.

It’s fast, secure, efficient, and feature-rich, with remarkable features like drag-and-drop functionality. With the sole mission of simplifying digital file conversions, Convertio is one of the best solutions currently available on the market.

III. Wrapping Up

ePubs are an interactive eBook format that eliminates a bunch of flaws generally associated with PDF eBooks. With their adoption, you can not only facilitate reading but also reap the advantages of increased accessibility, adaptability, speed, and more.  

In this regard, you can definitely leverage the advantages of a top-rated digital textbook platform like KITABOO. It enables you to create and publish interactive digital content while also offering conversion solutions to make your static content more engaging.

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