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In the real world, a bookshelf is typically a physical space where you store your books. While it does add an aesthetic appeal to a room, it has a slight drawback in terms of storage. There is a limit to the number of books that a physical bookshelf can hold. Now, think of a never-ending bookshelf without physical limits. One where you can browse through thousands of titles, carry them with you at all times and read anywhere and anytime. This is what a virtual online bookshelf lets you experience.

Apart from the unlimited access to a range of eBooks, virtual bookshelves also offer other advantages that enhance the reading experience of the user. KITABOO, an e-publishing platform, also offers the bookshelf functionality for its users. The KITABOO platform is used by over 10 million people from over 20 countries to access eBooks. Leading publishers use KITABOO to create as well as distribute their digital content.

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Lets look at some of the features of KITABOO’s online bookshelf.

1. Elastic Search – To Help you Find Content Easily

It’s downright tedious, if not impossible, to manually go through the list of all books in an online bookshelf. Imagine scrolling through thousands of eBooks, reading the titles to look for the one topic you want in particular. And in case you do not know the specific title and are simply browsing through the list to find something, then it may take you even longer. 

To save time, KITABOO offers an elastic search feature, which opens up a panel for users to type in the topic, title, author, ISBN or description of the book they are looking for. This makes it easy for users to find what they are looking for, down to the keyword.

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2. Categories – To Organize the Online Resources

In KITABOO, you will find that digital textbooks are sorted into different categories. You will find a list of categories, under which you can view the resources in that category. You can view the thumbnails where the cover page of the resource is visible, making it all the more easier to find a book online.

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3. Collection – To Locate Similar Genres of Content

A collection is where you can view all similar genres of books. For example, you can have a collection of algebra mathematics books. Here, users can preview a few pages of the book and open the resource just by clicking on it. One can also find analytics on the content which gives the number of times it’s been viewed.

4. 24*7 Access – To Provide All-time Access to the Content

Unlike a physical library or a bookstore, the virtual library does not have timings to follow. KITABOO enables users to access the online bookshelf at all times on any digital device such as a smartphone, tablet or laptop, giving the readers complete freedom to read eBooks or listen to audio files or watch videos whenever they want.

5. Offline Reading – To Download and View Content Offline 

Faulty internet connections are a common occurrence. To ensure that nothing hampers the reading experience of the user, KITABOO also offers an offline reading feature. This means users can now just download the online resources and save on their devices to be read later.

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6. Version History – To Check for the Latest Version

Sometimes, the facts and stats mentioned in a book become obsolete. In such a scenario, the content needs to be updated so that the readers are always presented with factual and accurate information. While publishers make these changes to the online eBooks,you can check the update history to see if the data you are viewing is recent or outdated.

7. Favorites – To See All Your Favorite Content in One Place

With so much interesting content to read, it sure becomes difficult to keep a track of all the books you want to consume. A virtual or online bookshelf allows you to bookmark the content and save it to view whenever you want without having to browse through the entire list once again. Users can add all the content in the favorites tab for easy access. 

These were some of the features of KITABOO online bookshelf that benefit the readers. Virtual bookshelves have made it possible for people to carry an entire bookshelf in their pockets.

Now let us see how KITABOO helps digital publishers.

1. Monitor Analytics

Analytics are the basis on which decisions are made. As a publisher, you have a wide range of eBooks and other digital content in the bookshelf. How would you analyze the profitability of this content? The analytics feature provides a detailed breakdown of the content consumption patterns of the users. Publishers can then view the total number of titles downloaded, the best performing titles, the backlist titles that need to be enhanced, the most engaging content etc. This information helps in managing the content in the bookshelf and redesigning them or enhancing them as necessary.

2. Ensure Content Security 

Content security is of utmost importance when it comes to online content. What with the constant risk of data being stolen or plagiarized, publishers always ensure that the best content security measures are being taken. Protecting the content with digital management rights (DRM) helps prevent any such unfortunate instances. Publishers can rest assured that only the people with authorized access codes and valid login can access the content. 

3. Cost-Effective Production and Distribution

Cost being the most crucial factor for any business, it is important to factor in the fact that setting up a virtual bookshelf is the most cost-efficient solution than a brick and mortar store or a physical bookshelf. With no cost of warehousing, transportation, upkeep of the store, utility expenses etc., going digital is definitely a profitable and economical option.

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In Conclusion:

A virtual bookshelf offers a great deal more than a physical bookshelf. It provides readers with a much more engaging reading experience. KITABOO is an e-publishing platform where publishers can create and distribute interactive digital content. The platform enables publishers to create their own bookshelf where users can download and read books, monitor individual analytics for reading progress, share notes among other things. It lets you categorize your resources in an organized manner for a better reading experience. So, if you are looking for an online bookshelf to store an unlimited number of digital books and other resources, head to KITABOO!

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